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So I am a 21 year old guy ho has fished on and off most of my life but I never really took it into a hobby of my own. I recently got myself a nice rod and have a few bar set ups. I have been hitting up the sides of the river around Annacis island lately for fun and so far only caught a few bullheads that I let go. Salmon aren't running just yet because of the late freshet right? My younger brother tells me he has caught different trouts in these areas too (not sure how legit he is being haha). I don't mind catching some white fish or bullheads but what really are my options here? I don't have a vehicle for driving on the road or water. Info would be greatly appreciated:D

lower fraser is a fairly large run..from mission bridge to ocean. lots of fishing spots along the fraser. its ealry yet for salmon in it, but not for the reason you stated...its jut to ealry yet for them to be running up..there will be some but not the main run. that opens next month. not allowed any salmon in fraser right now i dont think anyways.
check the regs for whats open and where. i believe chinook are first opening.

little closer to what portion of lower fraser your near might help with naming spots to check also.
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Chinook Salmon opens on July 16th, limit one between 30cm and 70cm. On July 28th the limit increases to 4, one of which can be over 50 cm. As I mentioned to someone before: some better sporting goods stores carry a waterproof map of the Fraser river by Fish-n-Map Co. that shows the popular fishing spots in your area and what is being caught and when, it would be a good investment for you to get one.
Not much of anything is being caught at the moment with the freshet and high river level, spinning for cutthroat and bull trout was good in your area in the spring prior to freshet.

Dang yeah.. I a in Queensborough New Westminster, so far east end of Richmond. I usually fish the beachs around Annacis island. Guess there really isn't much for me to do fishing wise around here right now then huh? Keep on catchin the bottum feeders and lettng them go I guess
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On the north shore of Queensborough you have the "Rock Pile bar" which is mainly a salmon spot, excellent for coho in the fall and early winter-good for chinook in summer and fall.

On the south west shore of Queensborough you have the "Dyke Road Bar" which is Excellent for dolly varden and cutthroat most of the year, and it is also very good for sturgeon. You can also get chinook, coho and steelhead there.

Also; Annicis Island itself has two good bars. The "Cadet Bar" on the north shore and the "Annicis Island Bar" on the south shore. I can give you GPS quordinates if it will help.

So, if you want salmon I'd head for the Rock Pile Bar, the rest of the year I'd head for Cadet Bar, Annicis Island Bar or Dyke Road Bar. Good Luck!

lol logan you would have an account on here. I baught a sick rod for 20 bucks and have been goin fishin lots at tom n berrys

some better landmarks would be awesome.. I don't really know where you mean when you say north shore west shore etc of queensborough as it is a big place.. I lived here most of my life so I know street names. GPS would be awesome thanks.
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Rock Pile Bar 49'11.28N 122'57.68W

Annicis Island Bar 49'10.29N 122'55.77W

Dyke Road Bar 49'09.80N 122'59.01W

Cadet Bar 49'10.98N 122'04.41W

down at the dyke road bar you say There are year round dolly's at cutty's? What should I use to fish for them from shore? Worms on a swivel with a hook and weight work ya figure? Or should I get a lure and a bob or something?

theres usualy fishing under the pattullo bridge, think its called browsnville bar. its on surrey side right under sky train tracks. not sure road name to it. also fishing under the port man bridge on coq side where coq river and fraser meat. used to be good there. been a while since ive fished out that way.

decent sturgeon fishin in the river right now. bit bigger of gear though. couple more weeks and chinook is open as posted but with high river there wont be to many good spots axccessible for a maybe not till mid august.
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I said most of the year, not year round. You could try spinners or small spoons tipped with worm, but it may be difficult to catch anything during freshet.

Oh okay.. What do you mean difficult? Do you mean the ratio of fish to volume of water ratio haha. Cuz there is alota water and It is moving fast!

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