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Science is wonderful isn't it.

Fish are color blind. I guess you all know different, or do you.

I know that a red blood worm will catch more fish than any other color. Same goes for a leech or a wooly bugger.

I would like others to share their experiences of how color affects their success rate and perhaps your explanation.

Scientific fact is, at best, only a conditional truth.

Can fish distinguish color?
Most fish are colorblind, despite the opinion of many sportfishermen. Fish can see color shadings, reflected light, shape, and movement, which probably accounts for the acceptance or rejection of artificial lures used by fishermen.

Just ask the next fish you catch......I'm going to ,then i'll tell the scientists that get the salmon runs wrong every year what the fish told me !!!!


watched all them vids....hard call. i can agree with his science to lighting and how it drops real fast under water as i know a bit on that for above water and inverse square law shows light diminishes real real fast at distances, and thats in the air...but. do they know if fish have other sensory for colours. look at the deep deep sea fish. absolutly no light what so ever but they can see. look at squid that flash colours for matting or fight times. why if they cant see colours down there?.
but i do think its more about presentations and the look or shape or action of the lure or flies we chose more than the colours that do the trick,.and alot of fish attack out of anger and not attraction to shapes or colours.

Yes, great videos. Just to answer a couple of questions, purely scientific, is that nothing has color except when light is on the object. So unless those wavelengths from light penetrate far enough then there is no color, and not even fish can detect wavelengths that are not there.

So most of my fishing is in the top 30ft and in good conditions red will be seen to some extent and if fish do detect color somehow then that is why red works. I think I will tie a blue and a red fly and see how they perform at different depths and report back at some time.

My most recent trip was to Darke lake behind Summerland and the fly that worked best was black????

Of course this is only looking at color and not shape size and action not to mention trolling speed.

Fly fishing is about creating a fly that looks like a real fly with a few tricks that mimic action. (Not adding a battery to flap the wings thank you).

Also the deeper the fly/lure the more Grey it gets. Thank you MrGrey1 for the link.

Why do certain Crocs, hootchies,powerbait colors ,colored worms , roe dyes etc ...... work better than other then. Not saying its wrong just wondering

This is what I need and it is my birthday soon:

even if one is color blind, the color red will have a different shade to it than blue. The fish will not see the color, but it will see either a lighter or darker tint.

MrGrey1, couldnt agree more.!!!

Fishing forum > Fish are color blind - I don't think so


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