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hey everyone, just wondering when you will start to be able to get into salmon, around the tsawwassen terminal and coal ports? any advice would be great to please, how should i fish for them without a down rigger?

thanks for your time

i may be able to get my hands on a lake troller down rigger, only goes to 100 depth tho, will that work?
Fish'n BC

Don't need a downrigger at all. You can troll for springs using a slip sinker weight (about 4oz-6oz should be good, esp in the mornings). Or better still: try mooching with live herring and banana weights. There should be early springs out there now.

will my bait get down to where i want it to or given the speed of my boat trolling even slowly will it rise up to high? i have not set up a slip weight before, i reasearched it would it be set up like this? also where can u purchase live herring? i only can find frozen at berrys

thanks alot for your time, appreciate it

and moooching is just reeling from the bottom of the water to the top of the water over and over?

A very simple method is jigging buzzbombs or zzingers with the tide.If you see any bait, try to jigg just below the schools.A sounder can be helpful,but not necessary .Don't fish right on bottom as you'll get mostly ground fish( we don't need to go there).This is a good method to avoid dogfish too,but you MUST keep working it.4" blue pearl is a favorite.Just follow the instructions on the pack.
Fish'n BC

Go to:

There is an article on jigging, trolling and mooching for salmon and when to use each method. Then go to the online courses section, you will find courses showing the basics of each of these methods of salmon fishing.

It's a great site for information on all kinds of saltwater fishing and better set up to provide you with the answeres you are seeking.

wow,great site.too much to read

Although I have jigged and mooched. Trolling for salmon is where it is at (with a downrigger). If you have a fish-finder, then you will have some idea how deep to set. Downriggers beat the balls off weights anyday. (pun intended)

Yes,downrigging is the best way to put slabs in the tub and it's usually the way I fish in the salt.But it sure is nice to shut the motor off,not worry about clips,flashers or bottom contour on nice summer evening and just relax

I think all salmon fishing is closed in area 29 until July 16.
Fish'n BC

Actualy there are no closures for chinook and coho salmon fishing in area 29 (excluding the tidal portion of the fraser river), however there are closures for salmon retention in portions of area 29 until July 16th (including areas around the coal ports): make sure you practice proper catch and release in those areas! I normaly fish for salmon (plus crab and smelt) in area 28 where both chinook and hatchery coho are open for retention, I find that area more friendly for aluminum

yep it is closed around here till the 16th, which area did you find more car top friendly? the coal ports or area 28? lots of car toppers around the coal ports
Fish'n BC

Area 28 compared to area 29 as a whole. wasn't saying I can't use a car topper in area 29 and I'd fish the closer to shore parts of 29 like the coal ports and sand heads (especialy during sockeye openings), but I feel its generaly safer and more practable for a car topper in area 28.

True, I never go farther than in front of the ports, didn't even know you could go to sandheads in a car topper an I got a 15 hp, which area exactly is 28?
Fish'n BC

Howe Sound and Vancouver Harbour up to Indian Arm. I like to stay within swimming distance of shore with an aluminum car topper, almost all of area 28 alows for that and offers early season openings for chinook and coho.
I normaly launch and park at Ambleside (free) and either mooch/cast off of the Cap mouth or troll along the West Vancouver shoreline, after setting the crab traps. There's a better launch on the Vancouver side at Vanier Park, but it's pay parking. I also like most of Howe Sound, but that's a little far for me to drive from Mission.

definetely goona try that area, how far did you go in front of the coal ports to be able to hook into any salmon
Fish'n BC

Don't have to go far at all. I didn't have a fishfinder back then, so kind of relied on where others were fishing and looked for signs of bait fish such as feeding gulls. Mainly I went out as far as I figured I could swim to the coal ports if capsized (and always wore a life jacket).

Same here always got the life jacket on and sort of just in front of the coal ports and swimming distance to the ports if needed, haven't hooked a salmon there last year hopefullyr this seasons good

Also do you happen to know the depth let's say 100 feet out in between the erminal and ports or in front of the ports maybe 100 feet? My depth sounder is not hooked up and I want to start using the downrigger, thanks!
Fish'n BC

Sorrey don't know, I didn't have a sounder either. Maybe run the downrigger ball to the bottom and check the counter for depth (which will change somewhat with the tides).

Ill do that, did you have much luck there
Fish'n BC

Well I certainly wasn't "slaying them" lol, but I was using 6 oz slip weights instead of a downrigger. Used Hoochies and Bucktails or a combination of both behind a dodger or flasher.

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