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So next month the chinook season opens and I want to go catch some, but I have never done so before. I'll be looking at west of the mission bridge (I have my liscence and tags already). I want to fish from a boat. what do I need for gear. The boat I'll be using isn't equiped with any down riggers or fish finders or anything like that, so I'll be relying on knowledge and gear. Can anyone give me some pointers.

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Well there is basicaly two methods you can use; plunking and backtrolling.

With plunking you need a good river anchor and basicaly the same set up you would use for barfishing. Anchor the boat in a good spot, cast the bar rig set-up over the end of the boat, put the rod in a holder, sit back and wait.
A spin-n-glow with roe (when there isn't a bait restriction) would be most popular, but other lures like Tee spoons are also used. This is the easiest.

Back trolling is best done with more than one person and you don't use an anchor. Point the boat up river, let the line/s out and slowly let the boat drift backwards down river while controling the speed and direction with the motor. You would use trolling type lures like flatfish or spoons, either with slip sinker weights or a diver.
This takes alot of practice, but is often more productive.

There is a waterproof map made by FISH-n-MAP CO. that is available in most sporting good stores. The map covers the Fraser River from Vancouver to Hope and includes Harrison & Pitt Lakes, showing 5 meter underwater depth contours navigational aids and hot spots with GPS fish locations. Also what fish, when and how good spots and bars are. With this you won't need a fish finder or guide or anything, but a gps would be handy.
(I got mine at Bell's sports in Mission)

Good luck!

PS: If you type in "Bar Rig" in "search" on this site you will come across a good post by abe that shows you how to set up a bar rig.

Fishing forum > new to salmon fishing


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