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2 guys with motors on that lake today. They had multiple people tell them no motors, all i got was nice "F you buddy". Park staff was sitting in their truck watching the whole time.


Call the R.A.P.P. line. Nothing any of us can do...

always handy to have a small cable in the boat...swing by his back end and drop it for his prop..see how he likes the paddle to shore. never got why so many see illegal stuff...and know its illegal but come here to say something instead of just dealing with way or other.

i dont see what anyone here could do. you where there and should have got pics and plate number from vehicle. turn them in instead of stamping feet about it..much more satisfying to know something was actualy done about the idiots....and may still happen if dfo was there watching. might get a home visit with a tow truck for the boat and equipment. seen that happen to.

and if it was park staff only id expect that lazzyness. if dfo they would have got it. i think id more file a complaint against the ones we pay from our taxes to patrol it like park ranger guy for failing cause DFO wont do anything unless they see if for themselves., your word wont cut it. second hand say so doesnt stand up in court so they dont even begin a file/ if its big enough then they investigate themselves and take it from there.
i dont even see a use for fuel based motors on any lake. should all be banned from lakes and eletric only. maybe a few larger of course lie okanagon or skaha or similar but as for med size or smaller should be total ban
its sorta what go go to lakes to get away from...noise of motors and annoying idiots. to bad being an idiot isnt a
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Yes, I wouldn't want to get caught out on Pitt, Alouette, Stave, Harrison or Chilliwack lakes without a gas motor when the wind blows up. I have to agree with you about the smaller lakes, but wish more of the total motor ban lakes like Rolley would allow electric motors.

I'm suprised that nobody asked the park staff why they weren't doing something about the motor boats. Might have answered alot of questions.

pig was too easy !
being a shit disturber with nothing to do as it is pissing down rain again, i emailed the people in charge of rolley lk prov park asking why 2 employees sat and watched this and did nothing.
i will let you know if i get a response.

Im not sure DFO can do anything about a gas motor in a provincial park......can't believe the rangers did nothing.

Did the Rangers answer the WUSS line ...?
1-800 555 9877(wuss) LOL

It's ministry of transportation that makes those rules.

probably it is not certified by min of trans. the parks branch may have just stuck up the sign hoping people would abide . they can't enforce it because it is not law.
when the fisheries treated the lake s in our region we had a meeting with them. we asked if we could make it electric motors only . we were told we would have to make a presentation to the min or trans with pretty well everyone in the area "signed up". he said fisheries would also send in a recomendation with it BUT he was doubtful it would be approved. he suggested an unenforcable sign........maybe just the same as the parks did at rolley??? just a possibility.

That makes sense.There is a couple smaller lakes that I've thought about sticking up a sign on

Most likely the people you saw where just park workers. They have no power. (These workers are not even working for the government, they work for a company that subs the job from the government.) All that park workers can do is the same thing we can do... call it in, or make them aware of the rules. But you can bet if real park rangers would have seen this, then something would have been done about it.

thats why so many get away this this crap id say is nobody realy knows whos driving the bus/. if its a provincial place id say its not dfo. they may be the ones to go to court in the end.but id imagine theres a long line of "fall guys" before them. any of the employess there are suposed to make a report and do the right thing. they may not be able to stop them right there but can ask and if refused id think they have to do a report and turn it in. some day it may reach DFO head desk and might be worth looking then its months later so i doubt the guy is still on the lake so nothing ever comes of it. tape crap

thats why we have the park guys is the lack of staffing so it is suposed to take slight work load off the enforcing officers with the legal right to.
id see it the same as a park guy catching kids drinking at a lake. he can ask them to stop and leave but they dont have to listen to a way. so he just calls the cops that can grab them and cuff and charge. we dont have enough fishery enforcement guys to be able to run it like that
and then again i could be right out to lunch., just my view how it works.

id think if its on a list with DFO as no motors its law and enforcable. not all may be listed and signs posted by fishermen or a farmer near by or something so its not official.,
like the signs at put them up and they mean nothing after i made many calls about it.

Regulations in freshwater have nothing to do with DFO, it falls under MOE (Ministry of Environment) regulations. The only thing DFO has a say in freshwater is salmon regs.
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sounds like a good idea to update the old thread with this info.
good investigation !
the moderator

yes i read about the sampling the soils for future builds. and didnt happen. i was told they own up to the dyke. was also told nobody owns river bank anywhere on the main portions of the fraser as its constantly changing.
my thread on that one is in here to from last year also

i got a response to the effect they are investigating why 2 workers just watched this go on. will let everyone know what excuse they come up with .

ya im sure it will be like spotting an alien. theyll just deny seeing anything. thats about the only time people like that react is paper trails and going to the newspapers and make it public knowledge...till then it never existed. local rag reporters would eat that bad gov publicity up like a fat kid on a chocolate bar.

learn some patience g.a. ! at least wait to see what they say to cagey's inquiry before you trash them .
the moderator

i've heard back from the parks people. not being technically inclined i cannot paste the email to here but this is what i got back.
stu burgess, operations manager of ssg holdings ltd (ssg manage thee park for the gov't. ), phone 604-466-8325. email ssgparks , was the person who responded .
he says the parks employees are to "advise users of the rules and regulations if we are able to make contact with them, ask people committing violations to conform with the regulations, and issue eviction notices for people committing serious breaches or repeat offenders. if a park user ignores our warnings to comply or fails to obey an eviction order, we must call the rcmp (or conservation officer for fishing/wildlife issues) for further enforcement. parks facility operator staff have no authority to issue tickets , tow vehicles , or seize equipment for violations of any provincial or federal act or regulation. if we are unable to make contact with someone committing an offence such as you have described , all we can do is contact conservation officers or the local rcmp for immediate action if they can attend, or follow up at a later date".

mr burgess asked that the two witnesses from sunday contact him directly via email with "complete details about this incident , including what time of day it was , descriptions of the boat/operators and vehicle involved , AND A DESCRIPTION OF THE PARK STAFF WHO WERE REPORTEDLY "SITTING IN THEIR VEHICLE WATCHING THE WHOLE TIME". (i was not yelling, just highlighting !!). they cannot do anything further without a direct report and statement.

ok, now is the time for the members to step forward . at least with a report the workers would do something in the future !
ley us all know if it did any good. they certainly got back to me promptly with what i felt was a good and acceptable explanation. he did not seem impressed that his workers would sit there and do nothing. in the future, you know what to do. take some photos of the boat etc AND the lazy workers !

That is fantastic news. Thank you for your hard work man. Next time i see some clown with a motor on a lake with restrictions, i will take some pictures and report it.

Any other day of the year and i would have made a bigger fuss. The only reason why I didn't, it was fathers day. The guy had his kid with him and I didn't want to be a jackass.

id think of any day that would have been best appropriate as it should be bussy teaching our youth the right way and not idiots ways. he already started the idiot action so you saying something or takin pics isnt being a jerk at love to get away with a bank robbery cause its my birthday or fathersday..he didnt seem to care it was a family sorta day

and the responce was as i expected. we didnt see it and no paper trail so cant prove anything even happened. worker can say didnt see shit and case closed...and i bet there would be more results with pics of the idiot workers doing nothing over trying to deal with idiot dad fishing, i know im tired of paying for lazzy gov workers

and im not sure how them sitting in a truck was an attempt to contact..kinda hard to get off a lake without being able to confront them.

g.a., you are being too negative. the guy said if they get formal reports of the workers sitting doing nothing they will /can deal with it. the two members have to contact them to report they saw the 2 workers sitting there, describe their vehicle etc. that seems reasonable. without giving them a chance to do something complaining about no action is not waranted .
G.A. is saying they should catch shit being negative. they get paid great money top do what they are asked to do and cant do it..i used to call that lazzy bastard when i was growing up and most lazzy asses get canned...i would. what should i be positive about when they dont do their jobs

you believe in them to much to think they would actualy do anything. were talking about a cushy lazzy gov type job. you think anyone will admit they did nothing? the park dood im reffering to.

even with sunion and cover thier ases big time. i recently filed a complain and had video of a bus driver driving over sidewalks and double speed in schgool zone just spo he could get to the depot for a smoke. the whole time on the cell texting and all over the road...i had video evidence and they couldnt touch him because of the union..they even told me been trying to fire him for long time. dont be so fooled by big corps like them. they all protect each others ass....not saying im 100% they do nothing but i dont to often see people in those postitions loose jobs

and from reading a post above the guy with motor was seen launching and im assusming the park guys saw this i assume they sat n did nothing when they could have. obviously not even a report by worker was made as boss would have know about the incident...from the responce it doesnt sound like they heard anything...even if no crap came of it there would still have been a file/report on it

no money in it so why bother with paper work

Ya a little negative and a lot aggressive. lol
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CoronaJim- when you say next time you will take pictures and report it: are you saying you aren't going to follow through and make a report this time? The guy is waiting for you and gmcbill to call, here's your chance to do something about the incident you posted.
According to "cagey": all he is asking for is a statement and discription. They can't do anything unless you call, because you two are the witnesses.

if no reports get filed then g.a. is right. nothing will or can happen. if the workers get their knuckles gently rapped maybe next time they will step up and do their job. simply prepare a statement giving the info they asked for. tell them why you believe the 2 guys were workers (they were in parks vehicles or whatever made you think they were workers. it is not a big deal to do this and maybe something will happen.

bump, same question again. see above where i contacted park officials.

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