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Some type of rock fish, around 14 inches long, rock cod? kelp greenling, does anyone know exactly what this is?? caught it off by the tsawwassen ferry terminal

theres another picture

If you don't know what it is why didn't you put it back!!! You should read and know the regulations before even going out.
Fish'n BC

Well there are some 37 spieces of rock fish on the BC coast, no one should be expected to be able to identify each and every one. As long as they know it is a rock fish (and not a ling cod) and it isn't a rockfish conservation area (which it isn't), I'd say they would be safe to keep it.

Sorry, not sure what kind it is off hand.

i kept it because i knew it was clearly not a ling and you are allowed 2 rock do you identify an actual rock cod then whats the difference between it and any other rock fish

It is a greenling.They too have different sub-species.I just looked at the regs and the only spot in area 29 that you can keep rockfish is 29-5.The rest is closed.Rockfish take a long time to reach spawning age and are easy to overfish because of how aggressive they are.They don't do well with catch and release either.The ones that float for a bit and then take off usually die.Greenling have a limit of 3 so ur ok there,but I don't think the cod was legal.

correct me if im wrong arent you allowed 2 rock cod??the other fish on the log i believe was the rock cod

I'd like to tell you i'm wrong.Go to the the dfo page and check for yourself.The way I read it,rock fish are closed around the ferry docks
Fish'n BC

Prunehands is right, rock fish are now closed everywhere in the lower mainland. Have to head over to the Island or up north to get them. That sucks!

On the other hand, you are alowed 8 codfish, including; pacific cod, pollock and hake. You are ok if that other fish is a pacific cod, but I don't think it is.

Apperantly, rock cod are found in the south pacific and not in our waters. I think what you are calling rock cod is actualy rock fish.

Cutfisher is correct as well.

its a kelp greenling for sure

YUUUUUUUP!!!! Greenling, the other one on the log looks like a ..... REGS BOYS REGS!!!
Yes you are supposed to know what type of fish you are keeping !!!
SERIOUSLY !!!??? Holy Crap Man!!!!

Top fish is a quillback rockfish

Bottom fish is a kelp greenling

The rockfish is an illegal fish you POACHER
Fish'n BC

Now I don't think we have to go name calling here Sage3113LB, Chrisc54 honestly beleived rockfish were open where he was fishing. It's a mistake that shouldn't have happened, but a mistake none the less.

In a case like this: it is sufficient to point out the mistake and how to prevent mistakes like that in the future. Please save the name calling for those who knowingly and/or intentialy comit illegal fishing acts.

Thank you chrisS, and no I am no poacher, I should have howeevr not gone on peoples word and checked the regs myself. I did not go out there on the water with bad intention.
Fish'n BC

Technically yes, and if a conservation or DFO officer caught him: the explanation may or may not count depending on the situation and officer.
But name calling on here (be it poacher, idiot, retard or other) serves no purpose other than to upset other users and sow discord, contrary to the key rules of the forum. He knows his mistake and how to prevent it in the future, it need not go any further.

no excuse for what you did. relying on what others say instead of checking the regs is very stupid. we all agree including the offender. there is no need to further crucify him as long as he has learned his lesson, and others have as well. lets get on to something better and leave this lesson where it is at with no childish name calling . the point has been made, justifyably and in a reasonable adult like manner. leave it there !

Yes Chrisc54, you are a POACHER. You bonked an illegal fish, therefore, you are a POACHER.

Sage, with 5 posts in 3 years, one would think that you might have something more positive to contribute. You had your say, that was that. You don't have to carry on bickering like an old woman. You seem good at identifying fish, so you likely have other skills/experiences to share. Why not post something interesting or informative and save the name calling for the trolls?

agreed, you had your say . the subject is closed. the member is aware he made a serious error and he had better learn from it or he might not be so luckey next time to get away without being charged.
the moderator

Jeez guys, leave the poor guy alone. He made a mistake, he admit to it and realised what he did wrong. Get off his ass, it's as if you guys are perfect and never make any mistakes.
My 2 cents

YZ125, you're as big of a BEAK as Chrisc54 is so stfu

Iagree with 3113, he is a poacher. Doesnt matter if he was ignorant or did it purposely. Calling him a poacher is not calling names, its the truth.
What if I shot a moose thinking it was a deer and took it home? Poaching anyway you look at it. Im amazed at how often people posts pics or talk about fishing in closed areas. Pffff, beaks

ok the point has been made. end of discussion.
the moderator

man why do you tollerate this clown,
patrick j guertin

This is a sad story of too little 'self edification'.

Let's put it this way. If that fish was the very last one of its' species he would have wiped it out single handed. I can imagine (and hope) he feels like crap for what he did. You should know the regs and know your species BEFORE you start bonking away.

You don't have to kill everything you catch, there's this thing called 'catch and release'. Great idea. It helps protect stocks of fish for the future so you and your grandchildren may one day be able to go fishing together. Just a thought...

All in all I would think the O.P. has learned his lesson and I hope he'll never bonk just for the sake of bonking.

P.s. If I was him I'd be removing those photos and deleting them for ever.

Anyone for some lightly tenderized dead horse?
Fish'n BC

To repeatedly slay the slain,
By dint of the Brain,
is but labour in vain
Unproductive gain

last fish and wipped out alot of what if
and him killing everything he catches??..he has 2 measly fish..thats not a slaughter to me???
all in all i think he cought on posts ago. why do so many feel a need to keep bashing the poor guy...a he made a mistake. move on. man get over hope nobody ever mistakenly runs an amber light ever, shouldnt any axcuses, my life may be on the line there. i wouldnt want to be extinct as im the last of me around...its against the law to. mistakes happen

weather he should be forgiven or shot on the spot has been debated enough. end of debate. let this thread die a natural death and hope we all learned from it.
the moderator

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