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yes, the sun shone yesterday. the fishing was a bit slow. we caught 3 kokanee, one a pound and a half and 2 smaller ones. lost a few as well. my buddy was also there and caught a couple of nice koks and a trout that had escaped an osprey's claws.
speaking of osprey, there were several fishing. one caught a nice fish right in front of us then battled a bald headed eagle mid air for the prize. during the battle the fish fell to the shore only to have flock of ravens claim the prize. mind you the eagle did not give up easily. it was quite a show!
i left my boat on the truck with the intention og fishing today but it is pouring rain. maybe tommorrow !
Fish'n BC

Interesting story cagey! Wish Alouette lake would produce 1.5 lb Kokanee like that, went out there yesterday and got 5 little kokanee 11"-12" and a 13" rainbow. Was beutiful weather, even the wind held off. Now it's raining all weekend, so much for father's day fishing...

Thinking of making a bimini top for my 12 foot aluminum, wonder if anyone here has done that before?

Yes, Joe and Tommy on Swamp People have made one that they use on their main boat when it's not too windy. It is supported by two posts in the stern and a single bow pole. The front edge has a horizontal rod to keep the edges/corners taut and then is mounted to the single bow pole in the middle of the front edge. The whole thing is under tension to keep it taut. I think theirs is way more for shade than rain though.

Rain gear?

chaka, you need to go fishing more and watch less tv.
knowing the names of the characters........shame on you !
yes it was a fun day. my better half caught the big one (i hate to admit it but...). we both use our fly rods dragging bright red flies i have tied so they are even more fun to fight than would be the case with trolls (i hate those things both for fishing and on here !). the koks sure do fight hard and long compared to most r'bows the same size and they sure taste good !
my buddy was dragging a fly on his flyrod but got nothing on it. on his 2nd red he had a small spoon and a wedding ring. all his action was on the spinning rod (at least all he uses is a 2 inch spoon vs trolls.)i was hoping to go out today again but of course it was pouring. my boat was full of water when i took it off my truck , half hour later it has stopped and the sun is poking through.....maybe this afternoon i will grab my float tube and go down the road for try at one of those 5 lb trout...oh and i am with chaka, rain gear is easier ! (but we don't live down there !)
Hi Speed

if you live in maple ridge, rams boat tops is the best ,makes them from scratch and are very reasonable.he will make any colour you want.

Cagey, I watch TV at night to fall asleep. And it IS a fishing show, just a little bigger game than we go after. That and I have a memory that seems to log numerous random useless details.

Not surprised that your wife outfished you, that happens a lot to me too. But I am the teacher, so at least it reflects well on my teaching ability (if not my fishing).

I agree that Lake Trolls are a bit too much hardware to be dragging, as such I often try to use just a plug instead, for similar reasons. Next season I should have a new setup to drag though and I am pumped.

Glad you guys got a day out and had some luck. I was hoping to do likewise this weekend, but with Father's day I will likely not have the time. If his rod was all ready to go, we could, but it is not there yet. Although I have got him enough goodies, that he should be close now. I have been to Monte once or twice, but I don't recall having any significant luck there, if at all.
Fish'n BC

Yes, I'm near Maple Ridge, so will check out rams boat tops too. I tried rain gear, but the boat fills up with water suprisingly fast (not self bailing) and we seem to get wet anyway. On sunny days the aluminum acts like a big tanning reflector and we get burnt before I get the lotion on. Discourageing when trying to get family out.

I've pretty much given up on trolls (both kinds). I find that a small dodger (4"-5") works way better, because it induces action on the fly or wedding band which both; attracts and entises the kokanee to bite. I also use a snubber between the dodger and leader. Works great on trout too.

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