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No not that kind. Can anyone advise the best inflatable boat that would comfortably sit two including space for rods, tackle, nets, and has a transom for an electric motor.

Plus how these handle in windy conditions, like stability and ability to handle well and does not weigh too much.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Ive been looking into this question recently. A comfortable one can be a 2 person pontoon boat. They have chairs and are designed for fishing. You can get anchors too for the wind. There are some videos on youtube as well.

Located in Richmond, near the Ikea.

Hey, MrGrey1, that is a fantastic boat, I love the idea of the rigid hull and portability, but not the price, and I should have been a little more specific with my question, but I was not sure what parameters to add. I am glad you replied with this possibility because it gives me a lot of ideas.

I found this range by Saturn:

puncture proof, I like that.

and then I thought a kayak with a transom and then I started looking again and am still looking.........

But how do they perform in the wind, tired of getting blown around with fish on both lines, while fishing alone.

I did have a look at the site Jewelz and many others also.


thier all going to have issues in wind. and i find the pontune worst of all for that being you sit up to high in them chairs so you drift alot or cant keep boat straight...been there. those zodiac style allow you to sit deeper or lower so wind wont catch you as much and blow you all over, or need the motor cranked to move it
theres a reason them zodiac style are more cost...better boat. guess you could say pontune have thier bennefits also like compact and lighter, but doesnt seem to be the purpose or concern here. pontune also being more popular will have more cheeper choices id think vs the other style. may take a bit to locate a good deal, if looking for used

might be cheeper to just bring a fishin buddy to steer it straight with fish

I drive a car and live in a walkup apartment. I needed a boat that was light enough to carry up the stairs.
The airmat floor, oars and bench seats are in the trunk to lighten the bag.

Here is the Seamax air 320 10.5ft inflatable ready to launch

I replaced one of the benches and replaced it with a Canadian Tire inflatable Vancouver Canucks chair.

Here is the view from the Canucks chair.

I will be selling my 10' inflatable, it fits 2 and gear but it's slightly cramped depending on how much gear. You can fit a gas motor and an electric motor. It does tend to get blown around a bit because it sits up so high in the water, but that is also a bonus in the shallows.
I was planning on waiting till the end of summer to sell it but I could be convinced otherwise if you're interested send me an email I had it on Hicks lake this past weekend with no issues at all.
Big Dan

Hi there.
Don`t know if you've found anything yet.
Here is what I purchased recently. Works great for me!
Big Dan

Big Dan


Thank you Big Dan. No I have not but yours definitely looks interesting and a good price. Any drawbacks and can it seat two with comfort.
Big Dan

Draw backs...
Well the only thing I can think of is its weight. Especially when the floor is installed.Its a very stable craft,you can easily stand in it with out fear of falling.
It suits my needs and I'm very happy with it.It can accommodate two very nicely it also comes with inflated cushions.Im 6'1 255lbs

Fishing forum > Best Inflatable.


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