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Safeway near Coquitlam Centre had a great selection last time I was there. They were good sizes.

I was just thinking the same thing. I also got to thinking, isn't Burnaby about 45 min-1 hour drive from Coquitlam these days. Sorry allover, I couldn't resist.

Now that the smart-ass answers are posted, maybe someone closer to your area could suggest some spots. Although I am pretty sure if you just looked through some recent posts, fishing reports, or did a search you would find many ideas: Alouette, Stave, Harrison etc, etc...there are many options. You could also just try your own thing, I do frequently and it is better than "Google fishing" because you still retain some sense of adventure. I often open up Google Earth, scout around, then make a short-list, drive there and check 'em out.

Nice photo though man.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

The two urban lakes in Coquitlam fish well after being stocked.
Mike lakes does ok.
If you have a boat, some of the bigger lakes might be better for you.
If you don't mind going for a drive ~2 hrs, Weaver Lake, Grace lake, deer lake.
Fish'n BC

Allouette lake was stocked with lake trout in the 60's and 90's, some aprox 30lbrs come out of there each year. Don't think you will find trout any bigger than that within an hour of coquitlam, but they are quite elusive and the few people who know the secrets keep it to themselves.

Allouette also has some pretty big bull trout.

stick to lafarge or mill lake. They have broods stocked. Youll be wasting your time trying to catch a large wild trout anywhere else. If you are asking such a beeked out question its obvious that youre a beginner and small stocked lakes would be your best chance

disregard smokin. if you have the equipment , that is a proper boat to handle the winds that can come up quickly on the bigger lakes, then give it a try. talk to local sports shops as to what lures etc as well as other fishermen. you may not catch as many as an "expert" like smokin thinks he is but at least you can enjoy being out there and hopefully get lucky and hook something big. if that was your boat in the picture then you would certainly be equipped and might also have the fishing knowledge (despite smokins egotistical opinion!)
sorry smokin but not everyone is the expert you are yet they can enjoy the sport without being sentenced to mill lake and the brood stock.

ps gorgeous fish

why is he still here?


what a bunch of babies you people are. I answered the guys question with an honest answer. There are some broods probably pushin 6 or 7 lbs, the only trout locally in lakes bigger than that are bulls which are way harder to catch. And im not conceited, just a good angler

you answered like an idiot as usual with your ignorance and rudeness. just general lack of respect. must be a lonely life if your like this in real life.

good angler??...suck as a human
Fish'n BC

Smokin; You didn't answer his question. He didn't ask where he should fish for hatchery broodstock...he asked where the biggest trout were around the lower mainland. If he wants to take on the challange of pursuing a 30 lb wild tout, that's his choice. It doesn't matter how manny fish you catch, fishing is all about the experience.

PS: I don't see you holding a 39lb spring in any of your photos!

well said chris. my sentiments exactly.
the moderator

yes i was a bit harsh but i did answer his question.The odds of him catching a larger fish elsewhere of extremely low. Lake trout are virtually impossible to catch so dont even waste peoples time telling them about them.
And you dont even know who caught that fish or who the person is in it?

lake trout are virtualy impossible to catch???what??
funniest stuff. to me its one of the easiest.,how bout instead of telling us to stop wasting time bout you stop wasting time with the bullshit info to disscourage new fisherman. your info is a waste of type, maybe you just need to learn to fish if you think trout are impossible to catch

Im talking about catching lakers in alouette lake.Outside of the lowermainland yes they probably are easy to catch.I have 2 family members that work for M.o.E. doing fish studies on aloutte and the last time they caught a laker in their nets was in the 90's. Its like telling someone if the buy a lotto ticket they're gonna win the jackpot. Its not gonna happen but there is a very very very small chance. Telling someone whos never been there before to go and fish for them is in my mind an idiot.
And yes i know Im a dick but we happen to live in a country where you are allowed to speak your mind so if you dont like it, go cry to your boyfriend

"Its like telling someone if the buy a lotto ticket they're gonna win the jackpot. Its not gonna happen but there is a very very very small chance."

Isn't that why we call it "fishing" and not "catching"...?


theres a diff with adults though on speaking our minds and being an asshole to someone isnt concidered speaking your mind. its just being an asshole plain n simple. if it was random assholness then ok..its every post out of your mouth though. thats not free speech dood, thats being a web troll.
god kid id so love for you to talk like this in person...obvious your to coward to or you wouldnt be able to type on here. why are the net tough guys suck pussies in person...your just to slow to catch on obviously or to even know what respect others is about.

giving an opinion on a lake and its fish in one thing, most mature adults leave out the personal bullshit that seems to fly from your hole daily
sharphooks moderator

take it easy guys.......smokin, you are shooting a big hole in your foot to say it is impossible to catch lake trout in allouette lk. ask mr grey1 .......he has posted pictures of lake trout. i caught many as a kid. they were easy !
you think of yourself a a great fisherman. i am sure you are. i recall mzmann was very impressed with you. BUT, you should remeber, there is always someone better. give others credit for their fishing skills and quit calling everyone a beek for asking questions.

I never said impossible, just very very very hard, And how many decades ago were you a kid? My guess is multiple so there probably were a lot more then. Yes I was an asshole to the guy,I acknowledge that but Im not gonna apologize.

smokin, talking decades is unfair (but true). there have been more recent reports though, within the last year , if 50 years ago is too far back !
the moderator (whose age has been exposed !!)

If you want to head out a little farther I have heard reports, and seen the pictures of Dollies up to 8lbs come out of Chilliwack lake. You will need a boat with at least a 10 hp motor, as the wind will take control of anything less.
There are also suckers over 10 lbs and you may find an occasional laker too, but like most lakes in the Valley you will be hooking 10"-14"ers. Go and try some of the larger lakes, and stop at the local fishing store closest the lake you are targeting to get the inside scoop about how to hook the big one.


i had realized my mistake and was about to correct it to say to learn to read.he never said anything about 30 pound rainbow when you so quickly responded. no need to call anyone a moron unless referring to yourself.
Fish'n BC

The char in that lake are also known to reach 20lbs plus. Here is a 10lb+ Alouette lake bull trout from last year (if I get the link right this time);

The local news paper does a feature about a local guy (don't recall his name) that pulls out one of the alouette monster Lake trout each year on his birthday.


not a begginer just not often do i fish lakes mostley river and ocean 39 pounder see that well no begginer catches thoughs sorry

Fishing forum > wheres the biggest trout around the lowermainland tops 45 to a hour drive from coquitlam


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