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Fish'n BC

I'm curious as to how the money "earned" for "fishing reports" is calculated. Ranking and voting seems to have little or nothing to do with it. I can't see any obvious format, is there one? Or is this just something picked at random by the computor?

A question for the ages on this site. There have been partial answers in the past on this, but I was under the impression it was calculated by amount of votes and then the value assigned to each vote. One thing I do know for sure, is that none of us will be getting rich off our reports...
sharphooks moderator

can't help .

Thats total b.s. Its false advertising. I know its only cents but its the principle. The owner of this site should get his act together. I doubt if the guy even fishes. pffff

There was an answer some time ago from the site owner, but none of us will get rich soon on this. The original idea, as I understand it, was to pay directly to your paypal account any monies earned, and there was a tentative suggestion that it could be reinstated. No one at the time really thought it was necessary to do this, and, don't forget, this was a paid membership site.

Good question, but at the moment we should not rock the boat again on this one, unless you really want your 2 cents worth.

If enough members respond to this topic I will raise it again with the site owner.
sharphooks moderator

but it is free now. don't rock the boat.
when i was appointed to this position it was mentioned there
could be changes in the near future. we will have to wait to see. i think the owner is well aware of what we do not like about this site . hopefully if/when there are changes our concerns will be met.

I think we are losing track of the original question here.
"I'm curious as to how the money "earned" for "fishing reports" is calculated."
From my memory, the way how much earned by report directly depends on how much money is available in the SharpHooks account, being that this is now a free site the account is not as rich as it was in the early days, and how high the report is rated.

Currently it looks like this:
One star rating by one member .00c
two star rating by one member .00c
three star rating by one member .01c
four star rating by one member .02c
five star rating by one member .02c

if more than one member rates the same report it will affect the star rating, but money is calculated on each rating.

Feel free to correct me if anything is inaccurate.
Fish'n BC

Thanks for the explanation Jeep'n'fish! I see how the format works now.

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