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hit gwen lake for the day of fishing. road has been improved slightly on the way in with active logging now in the back area of the lake. weather was great. windy as usual during the day. was sort of slow but steady throughout the day...for us anyways. dont think anyone else was getting anything., and was what was reported by others that sounded to have been there the week...slow fishin. guys even wanted to buy our worms after when we where leaving, like they where some special
fish seemed mostly close to the bottom...according to fishfinder. but where catching with either short or long line out. and never when the finder was beeping. most beep where right at the indian reserve camp. but only 1 cought there.
so we tried a couple different flies and not a bite. each of us had ford fender with wedding band at the end on as usual also and seemed to be the diff again. used 2 diff style. i had 50/50 and seemed slower. buddy had a pearly insert one, dont recal model.
hooked alot but couldnt get them to the boat. quite active for jumping once hooked to and that was the end f them usualy for me anyways. first few of the day where to spawned out for us so released them. we ended up taking 6 home. and released about double that between 2 of us




Nice pics ...nice fish ..good job.!

great photos.

back to gwen for the day again. went up friday evening and hit the water before dark. got 1 and lost 1. fished till almost dark but was super slow.
next morning up and at it early. first on the lake as usual. started off hot for my buddy nut nothing for me. both ran ford fenders. mine 50/50 his has the pearl insert. seemed to make the diff. and he dropped alot more line than i was.
so i tried a pearly willow leaf...nothing. meanwhile buddy is still slaying them 1 after another. so i went back to 50/50 fender and started hooking them once i let alot more line out. dont think ive ever dropped that much line for trolling, almost spooled my reel just letting line but it worked. hooked the biggest of weekend.
tried a fly for a bit but nothing. others running fly on the lake was real slow to.
so by noonish the lake was so full of belly boaters all anchored right where everyone was trying to troll we just gave up..had what we wanted to keep anyways.





Fish'n BC

Great report and photos G.A.! Have to give that lake a try sometime.

Hey ga awesome pics....looking to try Gwen lake. What is the road into the campsite like, do you need 4wheel.loking to get truck and camper in there this fall?

well i think i saw this guy on the way fine. we just have a subaru car and boat behind and made no problem at all. not down to far end though. we did drive down there and walked down to lake but didnt want to risk the hill down. we missed the turn to the first part of the lakes sites so went back and stayed there. just down at far end was crappy. there was trucks n campers....4x4 down there.

Lol, awesome thanks for the update. Can't wait to kick my scooter into 4 wheel and get my boat on the water

youll run into issues with the wiring harness for it..iv had a hella time finding the right

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