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Any one knows we're yu can find belly boats that aren't Exspensive plz let me know.!

Check out Craigslist... It alway seems to have a couple of belly boats on there

what do you call cheep, new they arent that expensive realy...
i have one i may concider letting go. im kinda interested in getting a pontune. getting kinda tired of being in water from knees down. im not as agile and mobile as used to be.
i have a fishcat 4. just bought it last season and used about 10 times. no leaks or any issues. well kept. i love it so i kinda dont want to let it go so is why i ask....whats cheep to you.
my budy here has a couple to i could ask if he wants to let rid of any. he has a smaller round style one, not sure brand

Thx for the replies ...G.A. I'm definetly interested on the fish cat 4 ....If ya wanna let it go let me know or if your buddy has one ...ya I said cheap but for the most part the used ones are cheap ! So let me know thx

ok. ill talk to him tonight. just on way out door to work
you just lookin for the boat or flippers and wadders and stuff to. i lost a brand new flip last year last fishin trip of season...80 bucks to the bottom of the lake. stupid things should float. but no, they want us to buy an add on tie strap for more money...

It I would be great to get boat , waders , and flippers if possible?

ok ill look around here this weekend and see what we have. i dont have flips...well i have and the wadders i just bought last season leaked after 3 times out. 130 pieces of junk. so i wouldnt sell leaky crap. this is why im concidering sellin it. id need new wadders and flipps and i think i might rather just have a pontune now instead.
if i look at 200 for wadders. 100 for flips. theres 300 and i can get a pontune for almost that and dont need them other items to use it. were real bussy here during week so i havent had time to talk to my bud. supposed to head to the bush tomorrow so we have time to talk about this

Thx for taking the time to look into this for me ...I certainly Appreciate it .! Ya I'm a busy guy too get around to when ya can ttys tight lines bud

my buddy says he has his belly boat, flippers and waders i think to he said...are listed on craigslist already. think he said 100 for all. when he shows up ill get the add and post if i can
and didnt even think to ask...are you near mission.

I'm not in mission I'm in surrey but I'll drive for that deal .! If yu get the description of the belly or make and I will check it out on Craigslist ! Thx agaIn

im chatting with buddy now on the link to craigslist add...sent me one but dosent work.
and i think im just going to hold on to my fishcat boat, his round is for sale and ill go take a couple pics now and load of it. and has no wadders, just boat and flippers.

hes looking into the link now

ok here we go...ill go get new pics of flipps and boat. and this cost isnt right...hes askin 80 for both




Thx for all your help tight lines bro.,!
Royal coachman

Have one rarely used but has slow leak u fix $20.00

really.? where abouts do you live ???? Im definetly interested

Royal coachmen are yu in the Lower mainland? Ill take it off your hands ASAP

Search "bellyboat" on Van's Craigslist For Sale section. Lots for sale, incl gear. Seen from $55 to $220 for two on there, no repairs necessary.

found one on CL thx for the info everyone .!

Fishing forum > Need belly boat CHEAP.?


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