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Fish'n BC

I was brousing through craigslist and came across a posting for an "electric reel", lol I never knew there was such a thing. I clicked on the posting and sure enough... it was a reel that looked like a large baitcaster with cables that hooked up to a 12V boat battery.
...Why?...isn't part of the fun of fishing reeling in a fish by hand? lol...what's next...electric fish bonkers? How about electric casting/spinning rods so you don't have to go through the effort of swinging your arms...? What will they think of next?

with all those toys you could fish from the grave !

they already have electric fish bonkers, The police call them tazers. Could be that an electric reel is something a quadraplegic person might use.
Fish'n BC

Hmmmm... then I guess inventing an electric spinning or casting rod wouldn't be so far fetched, would go nice with the electric reel for the disabled.

Fishing forum > electric reels


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