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so making plans to head up to glimpse lake just out of merrit. anyone have any info if the ice is off around that area yet? assuming it is. quite open in that area to allow melt sooner

Peterhope just down the road has been off for at least a week so you should be ok.It's probably turned by now.Glimpse can have some crazy damsel hatches.If not much is hatching,try a deer hair dragon down deep.Good luck.

Haven't been to Glimpse in a few years, but it's a great lake!
I had good success with a 52 buick nymph ( on full sink) casting toward shore letting the nymph follow the drop off. Most fish were in the 1 - 2 lb range.

We often did day trips up to Blue Lake. Its a beautiful little trophy lake with crystal clear waters, gorgeous shoals and big fish. Can be quite moody though but well worth it for the patient fisherman.

Good luck and have fun!

wicked lake. hadnt been there in many years. been going there since i was born. went back last year and hadnt changed a bit for fishing, just more resorts down at the ledge end..and yes ive done blue lake there to. not sure if its same but this one was more a puddle. shallow and could see the fish but would never bite. and back then we had to climb down a bank to get in the lake with inflatable rafts, could barely ride dirt bikes to the lake.

ok thx guys, thought it was clear now or soon.

Post a report when you get back if you don't mind.I'm heading to that area in a few weeks myself.

im sure i will....think its going to be dam cold at night yet in a tent for
Cutbow killer

Just came back from Glimpse and Peterhope lakes. Was my first time to those lakes. Lots of small ones being caught at both lakes with the odd 2 pounder. Peterhope try chronimads and glimpse anything green. FYI-Glipse is electric only. Have a great time both lakes are quite nice!

ya glimpse dosent have the hugest fish but some nice ones and taste way better up that way with the shrimp for feed. im glad glimpse is electric only, id be happy if they banned them to. we may also be hitting tunkwa, or just go to tunkwa, new invitation for same, maybe ill just stay up

Lots of good little lakes in that area. Peterhope has some good sized trout in it.

ya i plan on hittin a few diff ones this season. finaly have our own boat n trailer so little easier for us in a small car with a belly boat and pontune. now we can travel and pack a bit easier. ive done most the lakes up that way just been many years for me. did glimpse last year but been probably close to 15 years since ive been there
G.A. i got cancelled for my trip. i ended up having to work all weekend, my buddy has gone to leighton lake next to Tunkwa lake so ill see about a report when they get back monday
Fish'n BC

Work instead of fishing...I think you have your priorities At least you didn't get caught up in the zoo on the roads this long weekend.

ya i agree, much rather be floating around some lake. kinda how it goes when you work for yourself. take it when you can get it. i might take a day and sit at the river for some sturgeon

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