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Author Topic: Grace lake near Agassiz, good time. Others like it?

We had a great time at Grace lake north of Agassiz. I like it because of it's size, no power boats allowed, it's stocked and camping is there.

Can anyone recommend other lakes w/ similar attributes?

I'm thinking about going to Weaver lake in a couple of weeks, Wolf lake is nearby; however, limited camping. Mike lake does not have any camping.

Any other suggestions?

Fish'n BC

Rolley lake near Stave lake is a "no power boat" lake with camping and is stocked as well.

nice catch. should be quite a few smaller lakes to check out up behind samsqench inn on hwy 7 up by weever

Yes, Grace Lake is less than 2 hours from the tri-cities area.

Next time skip by Grace Lake and keep on heading east on the gravel road for about 20 kms, you will come to Woods Lake, lots of camping, and a very well maintained site. No power boats and more fish than Grace. Most of the fish are smaller 10"-12", but it is not uncommon to pull in a 18"er.Woods also has boat loading/unloading access and a dock on the north side.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

Hey beerdrinker_Few:
Do you think Chain and Osprey lakes are to big for a nucanoe? If so, is fishing good close to shore? Thanks.

Ok, great. I found the campsite info. on the Recreational Sites and Trails website; however, I don't think you can make reservations for a site. We may check out those lakes Memorial Day weekend. Thanks.

I called to make reservations for the long weekend.
The only campsites available at Woods like is on the south side of the lake. Can I launch a canoe from there, or would I need to go all the way around to the NW side of the lake where the dock is?
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

Launching a canoe is possible from a few of the campsites around the lake. Once you get there you will see where most people access the water from on the south side. Good Luck and Tight Lines

Woods lake turned out to be a disaster over the weekend. We made reservations over a week ago; however, when we showed up Friday night they had no record of them. The campground was packed and there was no room for us even if they did find the reservations.
I made my reservations w/ Nicole at Chelalis campground and they were able to get her on the radio. We talked; she remembered me and didn’t know what happened to my reservation. She said she can put us in a spot at Chelalis campground at a reduced cost. It took about 40 minutes to drive back there. We arrived and they did get us a really nice campsite on the NE side of the river. Then a group arrived across the river and played loud music until 3am. Saturday night we told Nicole and she said that she already talked to them.
We fished Grace Lake on Saturday during the day because we didn’t want to drive all the way back to Wood lake Saturday morning. No luck, others got one.
We may try Woods lake again this weekend (I get US holidays off), or Chain lake or Alice lake, still thinking. We’ll think twice before heading out on a Canadian Holiday again.

That's a drag.I avoid long wknd trips like the plague and try to take the odd Friday or Monday off on other wknds.Like Beerdrinker said,the Princeton area or even Merrit are not too much further.Less people(maybe not on the long wknd),better fishing,more lakes to choose from and better weather(colder at night but I like that)

Beer: I look forward to your post including camp site details. Maybe I'll try Deer lake this coming weekend.

Fishing forum > Grace lake near Agassiz, good time. Others like it?


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