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well myself and a buddy went to lake of the woods about a week or 2 ago to ago for the day to break in the season. fishin was good as usual in the morning till noonish then it dies off for the afternoon till about 3pm. then the evenings are usualy crazzy fishing. we left before that so missed it.
was a nice hot day out on the water floating around drownin worms. think we got 4 or 5 each, all C&R. hatchery fish, mainly white meat and all where small. and no fight to them.

we picked up a folding trailer kit so wanted to also see how it handled the boat and road trip. worked awesome


never did figure what link or code were suposed to use to load pics., just tried every one it has and non showed the pic


Hey load pics...when you hit "reply" and then on the reply screen just below the reply box is the "Choose File" button....just click that and choose the pic file from your computer that you wish to upload and then just hit submit and the pic should be there...hope this helps.


Thanks for the post and I saw your photos by following the link.
I'm curious about your setup. Did you have worms at the end of those flashers? I'v never seen a trolling set up like that.
G.A. didnt even see that loader below the text box...thx

and fetoid, yes i forgot to mention what we where using. those are ford fenders...trout we use a wedding band on the end of that lure with a worm. ..half a worm.
i had a fly trolling around for a while but no action on it at all. think i had a black doc spratly for a fly. pumkin heads seem to do well there to, didnt try any other flies this time.,those fenders or other gang trolls work well with or without wedding bands on them to.

wow got it....


no worries GA.....nice pics as well!

i believe you can order all the parts to make them from cabelas. my buddy here has a bunch for making the spoons for pinks and wedding bands himself. thats something i need to get back into is making my own gear. getting rediculous for it these days
and yes i even feel ...almost guilty using them on he lake when you see others using fly or others...but i seem to clean house and they get nothing. to me part of the point of spending 500 or more to go for a weekend is to catch them and not just drag a fly around for nothing. i do use fly and other and agree its more rewarding to catch them on lighter gear or other methods. its deffinatly the old school reliable lure for sure no matter what lake or puddle were in or time of season...its like the crack of fishing lures to

them aint all that old with plastic rudderrs. when i started using them there was no such thing as plastic rudders. was all metal, and the 50/50 brass was a new lure. mainly was all silver with diff models..model t or model a and so on. real limited on selections and number of spoons on them now

Very interesting.

Common sense would tell me that these things would scare the crap out of fish; however, just the opposite is true.

I see them on Cabela's website for ~$10. I hope I can buy them locally; however, a new Cabela's just opened in Tulalip WA.

BTW, when trolling, do they spin near the surface? How do you make them go deep, or do you? thanks.

theres a few good popular ones in this type of lure. willow leaf is another one and is smaller. i like the 50/50 brass/silver ford the best. some have pearly inserts in the spoons and so on. or more spoons but smaller.

and for depth of them is your trolling speed mainly. you could play with the length of line to the hook after the lure also. i have ran just a hook on the end and does well to.
slower you go obvioulsy deeper the lure goes. you watch for the bounce to the tip of the rod. when you see big deep bounce its spinning slow and deep usualy, faster bounce would be less up n down to it and be more at the surface. also how much you let out matters to. different for each are for fishing in. ive found best for me in almost all lakes was trolling right along the drop off`s. one side of my boat id see the bottom and other side is just deep blue water. and i mix up the speed to try diff depths as i go to so theres realy not one way to stick to.
for me i look for the most action to my rod. if you dont see that then it may be tangled up to.

I have quite a few ford fenders and cowbells. I find they don't catch as many fish as I'd like. I usually troll by myself as my wife prefers walking the dogs when we are at the lake. I have had better luck trolling flies and wedding bands along with spinners.

here is a website for lure parts

thx ill take a look at them
Fish'n BC

Here is a Canadian web site for lure parts;

By the looks of the mountain shots,Jones may still be hard to get to......?

not sure myself. havent been there in years

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