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sharphooks moderator

welcome to sharphooks. you seem very eager !
as you have noticed you have "riled a few feathers" with all your posts. so you understand , some of the members, especially myself, read all the posts. when you keep posting because you do not get an answer in one hour tends to be seen as overkill and drives everyone nuts.
your initial post had the wrong name for the lake. if you do not know the name find out. you said you lived right near the lake. you could google for a map of the area, ask a neighbour or 100 other methods and get the name. check the fishing regulations to see if it is listed and if not what the provincial and regional restrictions are. then, as one member suggested give it a try. if it is further away then see if it is listed under fishing reports to see if anyone has filed a report. at that point you might want to post a question. in the case of the lake down the street why not try it then tell everyone about your experience. if you do not do well, tell us and someone will likely have some tips.
the long and short of this message is by all means take an active part in this website but think before you post. wait a day before hoping for a response. don't drive everyone else nuts though, ok ! we need young members who want to learn so do not let any of us old bullies scare you off.
you will notice i unclogged the board by deleting some of your threads which were redundant. please do not be offended , just saving others the hastle of reading them all .

Well put Mod. And kolby.m sorry if a few of us came on a little strong, I think the moderator aptly explained why. Welcome aboard, but just like any other Forum on the net, if you don't do a bit of searching and expect to be "spoon-fed" everything within seconds, you are going to get your ass chewed out. If you search the next thing that you consider posting and find no results, then ask away by all means and nobody will mind in the least. But when it is a topic that even only in the course of 2 years has been beaten to death and discussed over and over, it becomes very redundant and frustrating for the regulars. Especially the ones that have taken the time and effort already to provide the info in the forum.

Another thing to add onto the moderator's "go try it and see" comment, is that Google Earth can be a great way to scout new areas to try. The last time I was learning about this stuff in a new city (and knew nobody) that was how I found a few sweet spots that became regular fishing spots. If you are a young guy, I can understand the instant gratification mentality being born post Google etc. But there are guys on here that are closer to grandfather age who may not get where you are coming from with that. Mostly because they were raised to: think before they speak, do their own work (not rely on others) and the virtues of patience as well as common sense. I fall somewhere between what your likely age is and the grey-beards I was just referring to, so I can see both sides of it.

If you are new to Forums in general, this is all good conduct to learn as it is pretty much universal on most of them and can save you a lot of hostile responses...

Fishing forum > message for kolby.m


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