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so curious if anyone has used this guys guided tours. looking at taking a trip with some half off deal they have right now. just wondering if anyone has tried this group and how was the trip...100 bucks for 4 hours seemed a good deal. trip for 4 hour is 400 but half off to 200 and 2 of us so 100 each for 4 hours.

hitting sturgeon. not sure where, sounds like chilliwack area as thats where they are based from, not sure what holes they use

Just make sure your guide is licensed.

Fraser salmon snagging season hasn't started.

Hey G.A
Went Sturgeon Fishing last Sept up in Chilliwack. Didn't use use you guide but can tell you it was an incredible outing! It was my first time and had an absolute blast!! Everyone on the boat got a nice strugeon from 4' - 7'
Not sure about your guide but price seems good and you definitly wont regret it!!


your right, salmon snaggin hasnt started yet, but when it does i assure you ill be there

ya i know its cheeper down south mr grey. if i was allowed across a border i might try. but gas. food and everything else inc american liscences id think it ends up about costing me the same and i doubt i can bring the fish home in a car across the border. not sure what the guy in the both might think if i had a 6 foot fish in my back seat..somehow

thx nickers. i fish the fraser alot and done lots of sturgeon. just not with a guide. just seems such a rip off, its more just to say i at least tried one.
most cases im on shore and the sts guys are about 20 foot out in the river and i out catch them with their poor clients paying upwards of 600 and getting nothing. ,makes em look bad.

the only reason i was looking at this group was they had a half off deal on groupon and got me curious. think im passing on it for now. waters just not high enough yet here to drop that kind of money, ive been out 2 times and nothing for me yet

sturgeon are fairly close to the banks this time of year, you dont even need a guide you could just go catch them off shore, like people did for a hundred years in the fraser valley people didnt even start fishing for sturgeon from boats until the 70's/80's, sturgoen where considered scrap fish before then. if you want to catch a sturgeon i would recomend trying island 22 in the after noon, another couple of good spots are the haney worf in maple ridge and the mouth of the stave in ruskin. try worms, fresh pike minnow, roe chunks or eels all are good baits.
if you need help on how to rig up let me know and i could post some pics for you.

abe, welcome back. you will see a post asking for the pictures of the setup. something many members will benefit from, myself included.
the moderator

ive done tons of sturgeon fishing. im about 5 min bike ride from the river in mission so im there almost every day. its just a diff trip for the boat idea was all. wasnt planning on learning anything to be honest. was more just an outting adventure. never been with a guide and was curious what it was like more than the thrill of the sturgeon. i can do that free from shore and usualy do better than the sts guides anchored 20 foot from me off shore.
and your list of baits there, i never have any luck with. always with Eulachons work for me.
Fish'n BC

I can see eulachons working because they are such an oily fish. I new someone who swore by spreying his bait (usualy worms and leaches) with WD-40, but I suspect soaking your bait in any vegitable/fish oil would help give off a trail of attractant for sturgeon to sniff out.
BTW, I'm also near the river in Mission.

ya my gramps used to lube the hooks years ago for fishing with no bait and limit everytime for salmon. i wont use fake scents or baits. to me its sorta cheeting. the bait should stink enough on its own. but yes that oily sprays do work and also are toxic for them im sure
reason i use this bait to is that it holds on better for me.

i was down there all day yesterday fishin. had a good hit soon as i got line in the water but wasnt strugeon..took my bait in half n ran/. strugeon dont have teeth so wouldnt have made the clean cut in half to my bait. was 1 other guy there and nother of us had even a bite all day. i was there from about 10 am to 3pm.

water is on its way up. up about 5 foot from water line on shore, and realy dirty and shit floating down now..

im down at that same spot alot sturgeon fishing...when it isnt raining...or id be back today

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