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The Vancouver Sun reported that a newly identified Norwegian salmon virus was found in 44 of 55 farmed salmon sampled from BC supermarkets. The supermarkets say they are BC farmed salmon.
The new virus is reported to have infected 400 salmon farms in Norway and spread to the UK and Chili. Even infected salmon eggs can carry the virus.
The supermarket fish apear to be from different BC salmon farms, but the sources havent been traced yet.

Not good news guys, hope they can isolate it.

Thanks for the info.

Here is a news article I found for it:

It seems that the HSMI virus (heart and skeletal muscle inflammation) was detected in a large proportion of market fish. This cannot be confirmed that all of the fish were collected locally, and there is a huge cross contamination margin at any general supermarket (Superstore and T&T). The sample that has been used for testing isn't scientifically viable and doesn't really prove anything.

Regardless, the best thing to do at the moment, as we don't seem to fully understand the virus and its mechanisms (as scientist can't seem to study the virus when attempting infection in culture or with clones), is to just leave things as they are and hope natural selection will build up resistance in the wild fish.. but this will be an issue with farmed fish (as there is no natural selection in action). Until we completely understand the virus' behaviour and action, it won't be a good idea to develop any therapies/vaccines as it may induce resistance.

Anyway, this is just my two cents from what I briefly read. This article helped:
Fish'n BC

Thanks andrevan.
Just to correct a typo in my original post: They found the virus in 44 of 45 salmon tested (not 55 tested).

get rid of all the fish farming and all the crap it causes to the wild stock.problem solved.

now that's a debate waiting to ignite

X2 fishgutz

what is there to debate. seems pretty simple to me. get rid of them now!

and watch fishing dissapear all together from being over fished. probably would have been gone years ago if wasnt for stocking. not saying its good to have the disease obviously but stopping hatchery fish i dont think is an answer. we get disease to but should we wipe huma life out to save a few healthy?. maybe fix the problem instead of extrerminate

G.A., this about farmed fish,not hatcheries

ah right...duh. thx...

i wont ever and have never ate a farmed salmon just gross this is what u should be eating instead of lil small crap farmed salmon ... wrecking are fishery and what we live for

spring 39 lb

Fishing forum > New salmon virus


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