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the ice is starting to come off some of the mid-level lakes in the chase area. it finally came off the lake down the road from me (phillips lk )today. hope to wet a line tomorrow ! finally spring !!!!
now if someone will do all the yardwork so i can fish ......fat chance !

And I still have to wait, Yellow lake at 710 meters elevation is just showing signs of melt around the edges. Maybe a week or two. But it is getting warmer and the bigger lakes will be on very soon. A few brave folk have already been out.

my lake was just around the edges for the most part yesterday. when it goes, it goes fast . don't wait 2 weeks.

well i got out in my floattube yesterday for a couple of hours. no a bite, just cold feet......that water is cold when the ice comes off ! lots of geese making lots of noise and 5 pairs of loons. i love the lonely call of the loon. could hardly hear it because of the geese .oh well, mr grey1's dammed cormorants have not found my lake yet ! will try again in a day or so but will take my boat with anchors so i can try chironomids. there were some hatching as i left , toes too cold to fish longer !
and that's my report as the old grey 1 always says.
Sons of Angling

c mon mr jeff skaha n okanagan are both on fire for big bows...n they catchin koke's in wood lk...tight lines brothers!!!!!!

I haven't had any luck in Wood, and neither has anyone I've run into out there. But I haven't been out since Saturday. Time to get back out there! I love this time of year.
Sons of Angling

yeah check out its a local dude out of the shuswap area but he does reports on all the okanagan n kootney big lakes...kalamalka and wood included..recent report n pics on wood of some nice kok's..check it out. Can be quite informative sometimes and others well not so much....tight lines bothers

You must be crazy cagey, a tube in water that can only be a few degrees, cold feet, they must have been frozen. and SoA, yes I know I have alternatives but my bigger boat is not serviced yet after being laid up for the winter.

I'll check again Yellow Lake this weekend but it is off to the dentist for me tomorrow. You don't really need to know that but it will be party time soon. Warmer weather, fish jumping, tight lines......

the fishing has been really slow in my nearby lake. not a bite yesterday. i used my baot rather than freeze my feet. on sunday i lost a3 lb + fish right at the net. might hit shuswap lk today and give the small lake a few days. this lake has too much feed in it and the fish are not active as a result. enjoy the dentist, mr jeff........mine had his hands in my mouth yesterday!
Sons of Angling

Ice is off yellow has been for alittle now fished breifly from shore caught 6freshys,kept none,it was very very busy there (yuck)...nice to see alot of familys tho. Seemed to like spinner over the bob...tight lines

The web cam at Tunkwa is showing lots of open water.Should be 100% by tomorrow

I've heard Hidden lake near enderby is free. Baird is not quite yet.

I was at Skmana lake last week and was shocked to see ice on the lake as that is the first time I had seen it at this time of the year. white also had some but hear it is now ice free.

Pinaus lake is open. Talked to some researchers I ran into up there tracking radio tagged perch and they said it was iced over on Wednesday. The old square lake main rd. is passable but there are some sketchy frozen patches. Going up is ok in a 4x4 with good tires, but I wouldn't recommend coming down for a few days.

Fishing was good. They are very close to the surface.

Fishing forum > ice is coming off


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