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Where is a close lake to fish for kokanee???

Define close (guessing Lower Mainland or Valley)... Up in the Okanagan (where many of us are located) there are lots. What area Bassmaster?
sharphooks moderator

look down the page for your answer.

im from langley area

Hey Mod, was that your first magic trick?

Langley...hmmm some of the guys near you can chime in...I remember them naming lakes like Alouette (I think) and a few more. Up here, most of the lakes have Kokanee. Road trip? Sorry I couldn't be more "regionally helpful" because ironically I grew up down there. I just did not freshwater fish when I was growing up on the coast, so was not even aware of Kokanee until I moved here a few years back.
sharphooks moderator

ha ha chaka ! i am magical but don't do tricks !
i meant there is exactly the same question on a post last month!
Fish'n BC

Alouette and Stave lakes are the closest, but be careful as both lakes have a lot of stumps and strong winds can blow up fast. Further away are Kawkawa lake in Hope and Buntzen/Jones in North Van area. Limits (unless otherwise posted) are set at 5.
Fish'n BC

Oops,sorry: Jones lake is in the Hope area as well, not North Van.

Yeah Mr Mod, a lot of us who have been here a while experience that "deja-vu" feeling but I didn't want to be rude to someone asking a fair constructive question. I save that for the riff-raff as you well know...

yeah thats Sharphooks dude i found that post right as you told me to look but thanks everyone for the advice but is it true that kokanee's are almost like sockeyes

"but is it true that kokanee's are almost like sockeyes"

Yes, pretty much.

Kokanee is also known as a "Landlocked/freshwater Sockeye" as they stay in the lakes year round and don't get quite as big as the ocean going Sockeye.
sharphooks moderator

wild koks reproduce fine but the ones they stock are sterilized so as not to produce just like most of the stocked trout. the koks spawn in creeks as well as along the shore. the shore spawners really suffer when the water levels drop and the eggs get left hi and dry.

mzmann, some of them do get big. the world record kokanee was caught right out from your place. if memory serves me correctly it was 9 lbs 2 oz . it was during the fathers day derby they used to hold out of the yaht club in vernon. the top prize for trout was $100 per pound. there was a small prize for kok's.
usually the winning trout was over 10 lbs while the kok was usually 2 1/2. i caught a 3 lb kok on the first day , thinking i won the prize for sure. the next day i lost 2 trout at the boat, both over 10 lbs. i went back to the weigh in to collect my prize only to see this monster. what a fish. and the two trout i lost would have won first in the trout as the winner was only 8 lbs, smaller than the kok... was i pissed off !
Fish'n BC

That would be frustrating for sure. What were you using for lures/bait up there?

the kok i caught on a pink and _____ (can't remember possibly blue ? )fst trolling it fairly deep. the trout were on mac squids fished about 60 ft. the trout were off "hole in the wall", opposite fintry . i was hooking them within 10 ft of the rock face. it was dead calm so we could fish so close. usually you can't. there is a straight drop off in that special spot. i fished there a lot in the 80's but then the kok's died off due to the shrimp and the trout did as well. the brilliant biologists who decided to put the shrimp in there should be shot. anyway, i understand the koks have rebounded and so have the trout. maybe because they eat the koks? amazing the biologists did not figure it all out before they tried to kill the lake !
Fish'n BC

I'd like to get up there sometime this year. The larger kokanee have been eluding me down here. I've only been getting the small 14"-17" kokanee, but I'm sounding much larger ones in the schools. This year I installed a "black box" on my downriggers and changed up the gear to what I read targets the larger ones, even picked up a couple cans of white shoepeg corn. Hope to get out soon now that the weather is getting warmer.

Wow, thats a MONSTER Kok you mentioned Cagey!!....had no idea they got that big, even so I still think that anything over 3-5lbs is still a fairly biggun, lol....arghhh, gettin frustrated now talkin and reading about fishing and being stuck on the other side of the world working until end of May.....all the while the boat is sittin in the driveway staring at the lake.....heck I haven't even had her out fishing period yet! I think I am going to have to try out this "Hole in the wall" you speak of seeing as its right out my front door basically! .....ahhhh, can't wait to get back and out on the water and fishing again!

take care over there mike !
yes, a 3 lb kok is a huge one but the bigger ones do exist !
when you get back give me a call and i will show you hole in the wall .

Thanks Kerry and will do!!.....right after I get back from my Ucluelet trip
sharphooks moderator

going for halis and salmon ? sounds like a great trip.......just be careful in the meantime !
did you ever get down to the vedder for stealhead ? i had to go down to chilliwack so was able to fish an afternoon and the next morning. the river was high and muddy. a waste of time , except there was hardly anyone fishing so i had a big pool all to myself for a couple of hours each day. it was nice just to be out fishing !

i went for steelhead and had a blast first time catching them we hit a good school and just sat there and had a blast with the fly rods makes me want to do the season all over again lol.

Yes, I will be heading to Ucluelet for Salmon and Hali's.....cant friggin wait! I was however a wee bit disappointed to find out that the daily limit has been dropped down to one ...oh well though it will just be nice to get out there and enjoy this fishing and scenery once again.

Never did make it down for the steelies as I was just way too busy on my time off in Jan/Feb and only managed to get out a few times ice fishing on swan lake....was mainly just to kill a few hours here and there. Didn't get skunked at all and got both rainbows and perch every time I went out so I can't complain, lol. Looks like I will probably be waiting until late this year or early next year to get into the fabled steelies yet! Tight lines all

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