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Well guys, it is winter still and I am stuck working and not fishing so I guess I am going a little stir-crazy for all things aquatic. Because I am a mechanic, I spend a lot of my time focused on the mechanical end of our sport...more often fishing than playing. I thought it might be fun to start another topic like "Fish Porn" just more about the crafts and propulsion that get us to the fish etc.

This is the smallest working 2-cycle outboard motor that I have ever seen. Stumbled across this one while looking at old Seagull motors and remembering the 2-stroke-blue-fogged memories of my childhood. This motor put out 1/32 HP and can fit in the palm of your hand, or take your scale boat model up to 25 mph. They even make a water-cooled version. Imagine 14,000rpm's in the palm of your hand.

Now this would be the diametric opposite of the first post. This little "kicker" puts out 109,000 HP. The cylinder bore (diameter) is under 38" (A FREAKIN' METRE!) and the stroke (vertical travel) is just over 98" or just over 8 feet. This engine weighs 2,300 tons. The first and second to last photos really give you the best perspective on just how big of a monster this is. It powers the freighter Emma Maersk.

So feel free to add on to this with odd, interesting or cool fish, boat and motor pictures. I will do so also and maybe we can all just have a smile and get over our cabin-fever frustrations until the fun arrives again.
Hi Speed

whole lot of gas

I was so tempted to post that one myself. It is so common yet so funny. So many stories on that boat that it has achieved urban-legend/cult status. One story said it was a drug cartel's boat and was used for smuggling. Another said that it was a DEA boat used to intercept the cartel smuggler's. All I know is that I wouldn't want to either pay the fuel bill or work on it. Imagine trying to synch all (forget now) 8 or 9 outboards as they get old and finicky. Cool post though man and everyone else keep 'em coming.
Hi Speed

the article i saw said it was used to smuggle between england and france

Like I said Urban Legend Status. The articles I saw spoke of S America to Florida. Either way it would require quite the fuel tank. Can you say excess? I'm just curious how you start them all. I would imagine there is an automated starting system otherwise how would you even know if one was off? Imagine yoinking all 8 as you ran into shallow water or beached?

Hey, do you own one of those little outboards?

I do own some little outboards, but nothing measured on a fractional scale. Why do you ask?

I'm just going to call this whole series "You're doing it wrong..." Every boat launch sees a little of this kind of gong-show.

Cool photos too Beerdrinker...if you have any more, share em.

Fishing forum > Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Nautical Items.


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