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Author Topic: Where are the salmon located in the Okanagan?

Hey anglers....

I am unfamiliar with the Okanagan area, however I've been doing some scouting for some hopeful upcoming summer fishing in the Okanagan, and have been perusing an "Okanagan Lake Guide" I found at I hope to fish for salmon somewhere close to Kelowna/ Okanagan, however this lake guide notes mostly stocked trout lakes. So my question remains, where are the wild salmon? I heard of them being nears Adams River...anywhere else? How about I need to venture far?

Any info is appreciated.

Actually yes, you can usually get a variety of species from SuperStore.

You do realize that Salmon "reside" in the ocean and only run very seldomly through freshwater systems to spawn right?

look for some posts from last summer on salmon fishing in the shuswap river and thompson river. the season on the shuswap river starts july 25th. mable lake is also open. once you read up from last summer feel free to ask further questions.
for sturgeon you need to fish the fraser river. it is a whole different ballgame !

Thanks cagey and beerdrinker for the useful answers.

I don't need your thanks, but mine was useful as well and apparently by the lack of your response doubly so. You now know that Salmon are not always present in freshwater streams, rivers and lakes. You also now know where to find Salmon even when they are not able to be caught in the Okanagan.

Kokanee was a great suggestion made by Beerdrinker because they are the closest we have to "constant freshwater Salmon", as they are a permanently landlocked Sockeye Salmon essentially.

I was not just being a smart-ass, you sound like a tourist and if you want to ensure you EAT salmon then the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to do this is to buy the fish of your choice. Your best bet besides Kokanee will be Rainbow Trout as far as "catchability" goes for a non-local novice angler. So you may want to focus on those fish, unless you are spending a while in the area.

thanks Chaka. Any yes, my experience is with walleye and pike.

It was the Kokanee I was thinking about, and have heard about the spawning yearly at Adam's river and was hoping not all of them came from the ocean.

you need a little educating i am afraid. the fish that go to the adams river are salmon,mostly sockeye. salmon come from the ocean.they swim up the rivers to spawn.
kokanee are "landlocked " sockeye and live in the lakes their whole lives. the salmon that you can fish for in season are spring salmon. they grow big, over 20 pounds. the kokanee are about a pound + or -.
with that bit of info, what are you wanting to fish for. there are quite a few of us in the area that can help you.

Red-Fisher, I'm guessing you are in the prairies? Are there not any stocked trout ponds out there? If there is, as much as you may think it is for kids, give the pond a shot and start practicing with fish that are similar to what is here. I grew up in BC, but never fished freshwater as an adult here. I just moved here nearly 2 years ago from Edmonton where I too was doing the Walleye and Pike thing. That was new to me and although I was no pro, I was catching fish with another novice friend. I still am missing more than I hit but I think I am slowly adapting my past experience with other forms of fishing to what is present in the Okanagan. Some of us may be a little rough around the edges at first, but there are a lot of good people on this site that can help. Keep asking and we will keep answering...

Fishing forum > Where are the salmon located in the Okanagan?


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