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Author Topic: looking for a spot to catch crab and flownder from kayak

I know a secret spot of mine in pourteau cove, its by a beach and as soon as the worm on the hook hits the bottom, you got a nice 8-14 inch flounder.

Tsawassen boundary bay is good for flounder but the crabbing doesn't get too great until the marker which is to far to safely kayak too if the ocean turned, point roberts is great for cod flounder and crab, the crabbing is also great launching at the ferry terminals

wow, porteau cove is an environmentally protected park and fishing or shellfish harvesting whatsoever there

Try belcarra for crabs now ,just toss your traps off the dock. You can fish off the dock ,I have caught some sole and other fish on the bottom .
Hi Speed

i agree with belcarra area also can put in at cates park or if you put in at barnet park go to northern shoreline of burrard inlet you can crab all along there also some rock cod

hey before u flame me, i wasnt fishing "AT" pourteau cove, i check the regs weekly. I said i know a place "BY" pourteau cove, not "AT" pouteau cove, pardon my mistake

I was fishing way out of the endangered border area just so you know.

For crabbing, indian arm suits me well. I have never tried around pouteau cove.

If they let you ,try the dock at Cates park boat launch .We used to get good sized crabs and flounders with the odd tommy cod mixed in .

If any of you guys want the exact spot where i caught the flounder, PM me and i will send you a Google map with the location pin pointed.
Thank you for the offer Beerdrinker, but i am very busy with work right now, and i will only be able to get out trout fishing during the summer. Thanks


that picture ruined my day. now i will be dreaming of fresh crab ! soooo good ! not living on the coast superstore is the only place to "catch "one !and all i get is smokies


Beerdrinker, we can exchange emails.

Red Rock!!!!!!!!!!

He already told u they are bullheads! lol

Waiting for the better weather to go get me some prawns, crabs, and flounders Got my self a new boat. 18 foot star craft aluminum deep-V with a 120hp motor. I cant wait XD

YZ Get out there!!!!!

out past the rock wall in whiterock ive hooked into a few flounder out there and always come home with 4 crab..

Ill post pics soon!

MrGrey i seen the biggest bullhead i have seen caught the other day it was 2.5 pounds it would of tasted good but dont no how to clean them so we put them all back

Google Fish Cleaning Video

The first time I cleaned a fish, I must admit, I did not really want to do it. Cut my fingers, feint, guaranteed, and I am sure there are one or two of you who must know what I mean.

The guy who taught me to fly fish showed me how and, picking up some courage, I did it and overcame my fear, felt rather good that I achieved a bit of mind over matter.

Remember that fish will spoil if not cleaned and the sooner it is done the better. Fish soon start to deteriorate soon after they die so clean them as soon as you finish fishing for the day.

Hi beerdrinker, i just used a normal worm that i dug up from my back yard.

This is exactly where i was fishing! Right in front of the small river coming in in about 25-80 feet of water, fairly close to the shore. Mainly i had a lot of luck just on a worm and sinker with a leader of about 2 feet, my friend had two hooks and a sinker on 1 single line, i prefer one hook and sinker, more controll. I fished on the right side of the beach. Next time i go i will try jigs. The bigger the worm the bigger the flounder it seems :P i don't know about the fishing as of now as i haven't been at the place in a while. Hope to hear some reviews if any of you guys go
heres the map where i was fishing:
Larger scale:
And larger:
And larger:
You can see pourteau cove on the right in the last link.
Sorry i couldn't upload images, i hope the links are fine.

Oh by the way fish finders help A LOT! Flounders like a smooth sandy bottom and not a rocky one. And when i was fishing, i just let the worm hit the bottom and bounce it up and down and some times hold it one or two feet from the bottom and flounders would just strike at it. So just play around and see what works for you best!


Im going out this Sunday rain or shine i cant wait XD Ill post pics in the evening!

Springs?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What would you catch them on? And how deep would you have to troll? Thanks

No MrGrey, I don't have those 3...funny, I guess I'm viral. Hard to say that and think that it is a good thing...


Fishing forum > looking for a spot to catch crab and flownder from kayak


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