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Use a deep cycle, it is what they are made for. "Starting" batteries are not ideal for prolonged draw. From what I gather, Costco has one of the best prices around. Definitely cheaper and better suited than an Optima.

Sorry, just realized a "blue top" was a deep cycle...fair enough. But you do not need an Optima unless that is your personal preference.

Cool boat though.

what does a boat like that cost?how long is it?

$300+ battery:
The only thing better about the Blue-Top is that it is a Gel-Mat type battery and is so thoroughly sealed that it can be mounted on its side or even upside down. This is great if you plan to flip the boat constantly, leave it upside-down or have to mount it laying down in a tight spot. I think they are slightly lighter than a conventional battery to some extent. The downside is the price if you do not require such application.

$100 +/- battery:
As far as I remember, the gel-mat batteries do not have a longer life span, nor do they output more amperage/hours than a conventional lead-acid battery. So if you just need a good strong reliable deep cycle, I hear people recommending the Ukrainian Tire deep cycles and also the Costco (Kirkland) ones because with a membership they are just a bit cheaper.

Charging and how it is done has a big effect on battery power and life, so I would recommend cheaper battery & more expensive charger over costly battery & econo charger.

We had a debate about batteries on here about a year ago if you want to do some reading:
That thread covers some of the more technical aspects. Otherwise, I think you are on the right track. My brother and I run a mechanical repair business, so if I can't be talking about fishing, gear-head topics are right up there too.

Looks like fun. Be sure to post a full review after you've taken it out a few times.
I'm curious, in BC do you need to register that or anything?

Ukranian tire?

you need a licence to operate it if you use a mtor but i do not believe it needs to be registered .
and yes, let us know how it works with a kicker on it. a real nice looking boat !

Beerdrinker, good call, you could buy 3 and rotate them for the price of the single optima.

YZ, Ukrainian Tire, Cambodian Tire, Crappy Tire = Canadian Tire

Cagey/Fetoid, yes he needs a boater's card but no reg on something that small.

I too am curious to hear a review on how this craft works out, after some time spent in it.

u should have bought a spratley

Edzzed has a minn kota for 109.43 If you use super saver it ships free.
Items: $109.43
Shipping & Handling: $5.58
Total Before Tax: $115.01
Estimated Tax To Be Collected: $9.77
Order Total: $124.78
here is the link

Keep in mind this is shipped to a USA address. Shipping to Canada will be substantially more. You can get a USA address here

I use them and even though they have a 2.50 fee per parcel along with a yearly 12.00 fee. I have saved a large amount of cash and use that to buy even more stuff.

Nice to see the DFO out there

Nice boat beerdrinker
As for the batteries & charger for an electric trolling motor..... I use the cheaper Canadian tire deep cycle batteries but I also use a PusleTech Xtreme charger.( approx $160 ) The charger unit evaluates the charge and condition of the battery, then charges the battery, and continually pulses the battery and breaks up the lead sulfate crystals that form on the plates and slowly kill a battery and shorten the batterys life and ability to take a full charge.I also have a MinnKota pulse motor that instead of a direct drive current draw on the battery it pulses the motor for longer battery life. I've run 8 hours on one battery.


I cant wait to go fishing again. Looking at your boat pics makes me want to go to the garage and look at all the fishing/boating gear lol.

Nice photo. Are you working on mounting that speaking into the NuCanoe? :-)

mrgrey1......not sure where you read that it weighs 450lbs, lol......he says above that it weighs 59lbs...i would imagine very easy to load/haul around by one.

I think I read that is supports up to 450 pounds, not weighs 450 pounds.

Nice set up Beerdrinker, looks very comfortable.

As for battery charger after a lot of research I bought the Minkota MK 110P portable charger. It is a 3 stage charger, Bulk, Absortion & Maintainece (See link below)

Personally I don't think it matters what brand of deep cycle you buy. As long as you take care of it and keep it topped up (especially in the off season).

get a optima

They don't last longer, they don't charge faster. They are somewhat lighter and are completely sealed (so can be mounted in ways other than upright). Oh then there's the price-tag...

I bought mine from Army & Navy (Langley) last year. I think I paid about $100 for it. I have since discovered ebay and have seen them on there for as low as $50

I really like it, it is almost idiot proof as you cant over charge your battery. Once you get to the maintenance phase it maintains a trickle charge to keep it topped up.

I run a Cdn Tire deep cycle and a Interstate deep cycle and thus far have had no problems.

beerdrinker the optima does hold its charge longer than others ,i have a energizer and kirkland. Both are great batteries, but way heavier and the optima charge holds longer.

THC, is your Optima the newer of the 3? If so, that would be why. Beerdrinker, here are your hard numbers, you can decide:

MotoMaster Nautilus Group 27 Starting and Deep Cycle Battery
$114.99 (Available Everywhere)

Marine Cranking Amps: 730
Amp Hours: 100
Reserve Capacity: 160
Weight: 58 lbs.

30 month pro-rated, 12 month replacement warranty.

- - - - - - - - - -

Optima BluTop Group 27 Starting and Deep Cycle Battery
CAD$ 304.30 (Shipped from the US from

Marine Cranking Amps: 800
Amp Hours: 66
Reserve Capacity: 100
Weight: 54 lbs.

24 month replacement warranty. ($100 Shipping & border brokerage not included.)

The only other note is that the Optima Blue-Top claims 3x the charge/discharge cycles than a conventional battery. That and the Costco equivalent of the Canadian Tire batter goes for under $100 for members most of the time.

It is newer of the 3 so that does make sense, i like the sealed part the most , no leakin!

beerdrinker have u tried your new setup yet?
Edzzed sent e an email yesterday that they have the minn kota 30 on sale

Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor (30" Shaft) Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor (30" Shaft)
by Minn Kota

List Price: $110.99
Price: $99.00
You Save: $11.99 (11%)

can't go wrong at that price. Just use the USA address I posted up earlier. I would go Costco for a battery. They have the best warranties. Can tire sold me a battery and while I paid for it they topped it up. when I went to get the battery they said it failed the load test. They said they'd have to warranty it and I said I haven't even left the store. well the next two batteries failed the load test and the 3rd passed. I said I want my money back due to lack of confidence in their batteries. They had to have the store manager ok it. I buy costco from then on. I also have a battery tender Jr. by Deltran. cost 20.00 from motorcycle superstore. It was on sale. I also picked up a new prop for my minn kota. get this

Austin Canoe & Kayak
9705 Burnet Road #102
Austin, TX 78758
Product ID Description Color/Size Price Quantity Total
3339 Ocean Kayak Torque Replacement Propeller Blade - Weedless Wedge
Subtotal + 5.99

Shipping + 4.95
Kayak Shipping Surcharge + 0.00
Discounts - 0.00
Tax + 0.00
eGift Card(s) - 0.00
Grand Total = 10.94

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-828-3828

That was shipped to my USA address as well. I should also say the part number matched what Minn kota prop I needed and I confirmed this with the seller before ordering. It is a larger (taller) bladed prop by maybe 2.5 inches but fits perfectly. don't know how each will perform but will find out in April. Ed

thats a good price, what about returns or refunds if u have problems?

There is always the possibility of having a problem and having to return an item. Amazon makes it easy. 1st off you need to open any parcel as soon as you pick it up. If someone slipped some drugs in a parcel and you didn't open it, Don't think for a moment that they arrest Amazon, they arrest you. While you have the parcel open pop your hood and hold the connections to the battery. then test the item. You can go to Amazon for their return policy and I for one did return an item once. It wasn't what I thought it was and wouldn't work for what I wanted so back it went. I did pay return shipping so yeah. It can happen.

thanks, good to know

This looks like a good, basic fish finder:


I don't understand completely how they work. Is there a separate piece you mount under the nucanoe? Let us know which one you decide to go w/ and how it works.

BTW, Nucanoe's website now shows it's latest model to be released in Feb.

yep, it's called the transducer. You can mount it under the motor or wherever just so long as it points down and is underwater. In a fiberglass boat you can actually mount it in the boat by mixing the resin and hardener and set the transducer on the bottom of the boat and take the mix so it covers the transducer and let it harden. Fiberglass is about the same density as water so the transducer signal goes through the hull.

Thanks for the info. I read some more after I saw your post. I don't know about how thrilled I'd be about mounting a transducer either to the back/outside of the boat, or to the bottom of the boat. Thanks for the info.
Beer: Let us know if you move forward w/ a fish finder, which one you go w/ and how you mount it.


Hey Fetoid,

The Piranhamax 160 / 170 has a suction cup transducer for easy mounting and removal. My buddy has one and it works like a charm. Holds really well and he just slips a knife under it to remove. That's the finder I will be purchasing. I have been looking on ebay and Amazon and have found it as low as $88 so far.

I have the same one, its awsome!

Thanks for the info! I misunderstood the suction cup referrals in the item description on the Amazon page.
It does look like some packaging does not have the suction cup mounting, according to some reviews.
Also, check out and have the item shipped free to the Bellingham walmart. However, the walmart product description does not mention anything about the suction cup mounting.
Thanks again. I may pick one up in the Spring w/ my NuCanoe!

hey beerdrinker any updates?

What kind of fishfinder did u get beerdrinker?

Hey Fetoid,

The "portable" model comes with the suction cup transducer and a carrying case. (see picture)

The regular model you have to mount the transducer.

Thanks. I saw some Youtube videos on how to mount on the front/center/inside of your fiberglass kayak. It looks pretty simple (famous last words)

Very nice. I forgot it was double hull'd and it can't be mounted inside.
I guess you only other option was to mount to the nucanoe on the back.

Looks good beerdrinker!

There is 1 for sale on Kijiji today !!!!!

I picked up a used one over the weekend. Had a great time on Sunday, even though we didn't catch anything.

Is that nucanoe 12ft?

It's the original 12'. Not the new Frontier. I really like it.

Ya, and I'm 6'5", so I need the extra space. BTW, I visited our Polish friend and bought the two wheel transport cart. It's great!
However, I did break the gunwale paddle/rod holder yesterday. I see that they sell these separately; however, I don't know if I can remove the current one and install a new one myself.
I'm curious on how your fish finder set up is working. Still ok?

I hope to get a fish finder within the next month or two. Maybe you can help me w/ your patented transducer mount?

It's funny you should ask.

We went to Grace lake and had a good time. I'm going to post about that w/ a separate topic.

I did buy the two wheel "cart" to attach to the back of the Nucanoe to transport it. It's a great idea and worth it; however, a couple of small pieces have broke from it.
My only complaint about the Nucanoe is how heavy it is, and this helps.

I'm thinking about getting this fish finder:

It may be a month or two away.

Overall, I'm very happy w/ it.

Here are some photos:

We may be going to Weaver lake over Victoria Day wknd and somewhere else the following weekend (I get Memorial Day weekend as my 3 day wknd.)

How are you doing w/ it?

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