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I sure there is a thread some where in the archives but I will ask the question again.

I have a 10' Jon Boat. Want to purchase a fish finder. Any suggestions??

For me, the main purpose will be water depth & temperature. I have been looking at the Piranha Max 160. Any comments??

i have a pirahna max 215 which is a portable job. i believe a friend has a 160 . both work identical. both are great. mine has stood up to lots of abuse such as leaving it in my float tube pocket outside all summer ! keeps working. it works great finding the fish too but knowing the depth/bottom and temp is really helpful.

I got a fishfinder off amazon for $50 and it works perfect. You dont need to spend alot for a depth finder.

Thanks for the input,

I have been looking on ebay & Amazon, I think I should be able to get something descent for about $100

I definitely want portable.

if you buy on Ebay or have it sent to they are a parcel receiving service just across the border and charge a 12.00 yearly fee plus 2.50 per parcel under 45 pounds. I have been using them for years. Don't buy from which is the Canadian version. I also bought an eagle fish finder from Ebay for about 60 bucks and included free shipping within the USA.
Hi Speed

you can also ship to ship happens in sumas they are a parcel depoit 360 988-8100 $4.00 for a package

that is a great tip thank you

Yeah I have an US address in Blaine at Kinek. Have anything purchased shipped there. Most stuff ships for free within the US.
It works really well and only costs $5 a package.

Edzzed why not buy from And why not ship direct. If you are selective, the price is not that prohibitive. I ship a fair amount of stuff up from the US and besides the wait, if the dimensions and weight are minimal, the shipping usually is to. I have also lucked out on not paying duty a fair bit. What about clearance sales? I have seen some pretty rock bottom prices just at Crappy Tire too...

You are right Chaka. I have had some of the smaller purchases shipped direct to my home. Most times they ship it by mail right to my mail box. Like you said it depends on the size.
I usually run it through both addresses (home & US) and see which is cheaper before buying.

I don't know why everyone calls it Crappy Tire? I love that store, some great deals can be had there if you wait and catch it on sale!

I found that I once wanted to order a trolling motor and searched ebay and amazon, both sites and the trolling motor doubled in price due to shipping and what i assume is the brokerage fees included in the shipping now. I guess UPS and others got tired of customer complaints over what most of us call mystery charges cause you never knew what they'd charge for brokerage. Before you commit to buy, try typing in a shipping address to the USA and then to Canada and you can decide if the duty - brokerage is worth it or go fetch yourself. I am fortunate in that I am 7 miles to the USA so I cross once every couple weeks and fuel up. Every 5th tank is a freebie. Worth it. You tell me. Another way to save on your cable bill if you have more than basic cable! ROKU. I get about 350 streaming channels without commercials most free but some have subscriptions. I had full load cable and went to basic. saves me about 95.00 month which goes to offset 8.00 per month for netflix USA. yep I went with the American version as it has 20 times the content of Canada's. charges me 4.99 month for their software. And Roku, not yet sold in Canada.

Fine...Ukrainian Tire?
Hi Speed

or cambodian tire

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