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explain yourself! it is time for change . what change do you think is needed.

Unfortunately some members have made it hard to really chat about topics that matter. I am glad to see some new blood as a moderator.

I think if people were more willing to provide HELPFUL info or advice rather than ripping on newbies this site can grow.

We were all first timers once, lets use this forum to help spread the word of proper handling techniques, leader length, identifying your catch and any other area where newbies have trouble.
sharphooks moderator

exactly my goal. now if all of those wanting the same goal will take over this site we can have such a site.

I think that alot of those types are already here. If you are one of those members that post and reply with good positive info please continue posting!!

Or I know there are alot of knowledgeable people that read the forum, but dont post for obvious reasons. Maybe now is the time to help turn this site around and post some interesting topics??!

sounds like a good time, with a new mod, for those members hanging in the background to come forward. lets make this site what it is capable of! start some interesting threads !

how did u go from

"this website is a joke"


"ya i agree there are alot of knowledgable people and this could be a great site, it is very easy to use thats what i like about it."

i was wondering that. all i could see that had gone wrong for him was mr grey 1 was a little "short" in his answer about floats. he had a good question . the answer was poor ! come on mr grey 1. have some patience !
beak 007, can you add something to the c + r post. my typing was running out of gas. i am sure you can add some or explain some things better .

Beak, the two are not mutually exclusive. This website is a festering piece of $#|+, that does not mean that is has to be or always has been. If people that have nothing but negative knee-jerk verbal diarrhea could just abstain from their "Submit" button, this place would improve tenfold. People that have knowledge or items of interest to share are not interesting in wasting their time posting their gems in a rank cess-pool. You are judged by the company you keep and most can make that connection subconsciously and just choose not to frequent a place that is unpleasant.

Beak, your name is in the top ten of the negative membership that I am referring to, but similarly to the site, it does not have to be this way. If you truly care about fishing, the outdoors and conservation then show it through your contributions, not detractions. If you are on this site just to bash others or get a reaction, then find another forum that deals with general interest topics, there will be so much more there for you to rip and rail on. Otherwise if this is a sport you care about, then act like it.

I am not one of the ones that believe this site should be sterile through supression of expression (aka censorship). So I too had a bit of a problem with the previous regime, as much as I tried to play by those rules. There is going to be disagreement and dischord, but it does not need to get personal or out of hand. If someone uses a profanity within a comment and it is not riddles with profanity, I do not think it needs deletion or even correction. The argument of kids frequenting this forum is interesting but empty. I highly doubt many under the age of 18 would be bothered with such a conservative, bland and dry forum; in addition to the fact that most kids after the age of 12 could teach most of us a thing or two about swearing. Anyone younger than that should never be unsupervised online, so that should be a non-issue. If the membership here could keep it moderate and avoid making it personal or ganging up on someone, then disagreement could happen in a civilized manner. If everyone just stopped hiding behind their keyboards and playing internet tough-guy, this forum would require minimal moderation and would be a place that everyone (on both sides of an issue) could get something out of. Internet tough-guys are played out and too common, try something original like say being real...

I have always posted myself in my user pic because I will never say anything here that I will not stand behind in person (off the web). So I am not hiding because I am the same guy here as I am if I am sitting across from you. If others followed such logic and acted "real" then our problems here would be non-existant and would follow some form of civility.

That being said, if you do something stupid, you should expect to be called on it. For example (sorry BEEFEATER): if you leave all your earthly possessions in your car and it gets broken into in a unsupervised and desolate area, you should not be surprised. Nor should you be angry if someone points that out. Learn from it and modify your behaviour, if it took someone spelling it out for you, the problem is yours not the respondant.

If you break the rules, you should not be surprised if someone points that out. But we all make mistakes and trashing someone incessantly and calling them a poacher will not fix the problem. Call them on it, then gently correct them with regulations that they may have simply misunderstood. These regulations are not the most concise for certain regions and times of year. Be civilized about it and remember that you are not perfect, calling names just makes you look more ignorant than the person you claim is in the wrong.

I wish the new moderator success and will work towards their goals, because short of that this site will just end up abandoned or shut down. I will appeal to the old regulars I know to "give it another shot", if they will. Moderating a forum is no easy task and is usually thankless. Moderators need to be just that, moderate, they should represent the views of all of the usership, not just their own.

No forum is perfect but it should reflect those that choose to be helpful and involved, not the minority of detracting trolls. I doubt anyone here wanders their neighbourhood #@%!$ing on their neibours lawns, why then would they do so here? If your life is that miserable and you need an outlet for stress and negativity, find a positive outlet like physical activity or meditation. Bottom line is that if you post something, make sure you would say it to someone face to face, otherwise it is not "Submit" button worthy.

All Beak007 does is point out regulation violations and blatantly obvious contradictions. I have laughed out loud on more than one occasion reading his posts.

In some cases he hasn't pointed out anything, only accused people of doing something they were not
Hi Speed

iam new to this site and i have found it to be very helpful for the most part lets keep it up thanks

I'm liking the vibe here. That is a roll of constructive and/or positive comments, complete with appearances from old and new members. I hope to see some more old members reappear and see site turn back into a place that new members feel welcome and able to ask a question without being attacked.
sharphooks moderator

thanks for the long winded and very informative post chaka. welcome back. and yes, let's hope some other old members reappear. and welcome, hi speed. your posts have already proved informative. not everyone can cast a fly in their back yard !
lets keep things positive around here so everyone can enjoy their visits, even if we do not always agree !

Fishing forum > this website is a joke


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