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if anybody knows some tricks of the trade to keep ice from forming on guides any suggestions would be a great help

I wonder if waxing the inside of the guide would help, was wondering this myself with the icicles forming on mine last time I was up at the vedder

Loons Ice off Paste works great.

perhaps applying rubbing alcohol to them? or better yet that hand sanitizer crap, since it's a gel. I dunno, it's cheap, easy, and an antifreeze. Might work.

i heard that bees wax may work to where do you get that ice off stuff and thanks to all the suggestions much appreciated
Failure to Launch...

Gotta love steelhead season for that one.. lol

One suggestion tho is keep your tip up, main line outta the water and then when you reel in just go slow and keeps your bait/leader in the water to keep ice from building on them by slashing around on top of the flow. I find when reeling in fast that my roe will turn into a giant ice cube and the leader as thick as a straw from splashing around on top of the water and being mixed with the freezing air.

By keeping your tip high and stopping your cast just before it hits the water keeps your mainline dry and tends to build slower on the guides i find, then when you reel in watch your line and almost have to pay as much attention as when completing a drift. The slower more control you have reeling in without it splashing around and main line hitting the water def helps out alot for me. I find when i use my center pin that i get less ice on the guides and my bait and leader stays ice free cuz im reeling in alot slower then i would with a level wind.

All i can say is fireball def helps you deal with all of this.... lol and of course a cpl big green thumbers to go along with..

Hehehe time to dust the pin off

tacky wax used for flyfishing tried it on wednesday worked pretty good

Fishing forum > icey guides


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