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What are the chances that out of the 130 they stocked in Lafarge last Nov, that there may be a few brood rainbows in the lake? There has to be a few still, right?

europuma, lol that was a nice fish. You were fighting him for a while. THere were a few 2lber's in there.

yours was a nice 3lber

Sweet!!!! I have to work in the morning. If no one turns up at work, I'll be at lafarge at 9am otherwise my fishing days are over till spring. My wife will kill me. lol.

Or when the Broods are stocked.

We should arrange a spring trip to the interior.

That sounds pretty good. We'll look in to it.

I won't be fishing today, way too wet!

Hosli will be done for the year soon,if not already.A 4x4 is a must and lots of clearance.Bring a "come along" and a shovel in wet weather.Lots of good lakes close by with easier access.

I was fishing at lafarge 2 weeks ago europuma with my little brother and I hooked into 1 brood about 9 pounds. So there is definately broods still in there , they are just very smart now and dont bite powerbait and flys rarely now.

And its weird cause everyone else barely catches them and I always seem to hook at least 10-20 every year over a couple month period. so they just seem to like me

nice!!! So they are still in there.

yeah I think I had one hard bite last week too. It ook my fly and dove down hard, then i lost it.

I cant go to lafarge till spring now. I'm saving my fishing for the steelheads now.

I will go in the spring. I am saving some money to buy a new steelhead fly rod n reel. I want to hit the vedder for the steely's in dec. Why don't you come up there? I will be going dec 1-3

I have actually caught a few kokanee at lafarge last year, the meat was very pink and decided to keep it cause its rare and it tasted better than stocked trout. I released the big brood back into the water also, it was very ugly. Let someone else have fun with that ugly-creature. LOL
sugar magnolia

Kokanee in lafarge??????

What is with some of you people? You say you caught a Kokanee Salmon in Lafarge - that's weird, because there isn't supposed to be any in there. So, like you said, it's rare. Then why the heck do you feel the need to keep it and kill it? How about releasing it, if it's rare?

Some people out there act like they've never eaten a fish in their life, or that they're starving. If it's a rare fish, then respect it, and release it!

And that also goes for you numbskulls out there who decide to keep the brood trout. Let other people catch them too! Imagine how many broods there would be in Lafarge, if everyone released them?! They're no good for eating, they'll taste bad, and they're old. Again, are you starving?

dont be so rude sam, some people actually struggle with money and need food, if the catch a broody, the bonk it and dont waste it, why? the need it. one guy i know , came up to me, younger white guy , fishing green timbers came up to me as i was about to release a broody and asked me if he could retain it, i asked him, well why? he told me why, he was struggling with money and needed some food, so i gladly gave it too him. some people gotta do what they gotta do, so dont bash people for keeping a fish which is legal to keep when they need it and arnt waisting. just my 2cents.

Sam, when he said Kokanee I'm pretty sure he was referring to beer.

thatsarainbow, you are wasting your time flyfishing for steelhead the first 3 days of dec. There are only a few fish in the whole river at that time and to catch them on a fly, especially a newb,is a long shot

I know, however my wife is away for 2 weeks in december and that is the only time I will get fishing. When she gets back I won't be able to go at all.

sugar magnolia

Cant see kokanee being in lafarge,would like to see pic.

I call BS on K's in that little pond! But then again I read somewhere that a guy pulled a 20lbs sturgeon out of there so...

I know it sounds impossible but, I'm pretty sure they make there way from the coquitlam river. Were the baby salmon aka kokanee would enter through and it stays in fresh water to become a kokanee trout. I think they come In by accident when the fry's planted by the government up river and they move down river into the lake system during high rains when the water rises. I am not 100% sure on this but the fish are getting in some how.

I am pretty sure there is good population of kokanee but just hard to catch like natural fish in systems. You would think these lakes would have nets but fish are free to come and go if they please

P.S. The meat was very red on the fish and was very silver in colour without black spots. So im pretty sure its not a rainbow guys, ive caught hundreds on them over the years and this fish was different. They are rare too catch but are there. maybe few hundred or less , cant say forsure

lol a blue marlin , that's insane . Nobody really knows whats in there.

In lafarge lake I have seen turtles , otters , koi fish( aka goldfish) , crayfish and some things i don't no name for LOL.

Lafarge is full of wonderful surprises.

Come to think about it...where has the Lock Ness monster been these last few years......Lafarge lake that's where!

But I have to admit you never know with all the river systems that connect into these lakes as FishMasterFly mentioned, what you will hook into.

This is why I always have my cell ready to snap a pic....just to shut people like ME up.

I never noticed any creeks in or out of Lafarge Lake. Maybe I think I saw a very small creek at the very North end of the lake, but I doubt any fish could come from there. And I don't think that creek comes from anywhere other than drainage.

There are no creeks at lafarge that is why the hatchery release broods, cause there is no way out for them to spawn anywhere else.

i read this post and then i had a horable nightmare that i got a broodstock on my fly rod. i dont know why anyone would want to touch one of those things let alone eat it. trully discusting fish broodies

have a look at this buete. YUM

what would Cleavland say?

I bet those fish were not caught in bc. Bc hatchery's are the only hatchery's in the world that use wild Rowe and wild sperm to produce our top grade hatchery fish. All other hatcherys in the world are bred with the same brother and sister and mother and father fish. Hence producing deformed fish. FACT

My point is the broods in lafarge dont look like those beasts above.

and fed i diet of frankenfood

if you want broods just go to green timbers some guy was catching 1 like every 5 minutes

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