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Looking to break in a new reel tom. I will be walking the chedder starting near vedder crossing. Any tips on tackle or spots??

Instead of always asking where the fish are why don;t you get out and do some exploring instead of being an internet fisherman. You'll be more satisfied finding your own spots.

Carefull before you judge. I cycled and walked over 200 kms of river bank fishing in the past few months. I get out alot, I was just curious for any coho tips.

Sounds like another Team Fishing with Rod member lol...

No.. Im just a young man who is passionate about fishing. I dont have a car, so I bike from abbotsford out to the vedder often to fish.

This is why I ask about conditions or spots that are fishing well. I dont want to waste all my time biking or walking around to tons of spots.

if you have spent that much time on the river you should not have to ask such a basic ? Try fishing in the water, use roe or blades. Canal first light is your closet and best spot

Theres no need to be an ass about it.

Discussing where coho like to swim and spend there time is a much better topic than "what river can I cast s

Agreed. I don't know why discussing fishing would provoke a response from people like that but hopefully someone will post a better reply to your question as I too am curious. I still haven't braved a river (just lakes) so I always appreciate some up-to-date info.

If we can't talk fishing here....then what the heck is the point of a forum on a fishing website. If you don't like the post just moving on to the next seems like a more appropriate action to take.

It takes more effort to write a silly response..

I have spent numerous hours short floating different baits/lures right in front of them and I have had no luck. They are very picky!!

Coho are not picky at all. Those were probably spawned out pinks you were trying to catch. Dont take your anger out on me just cuz you cant catch any fish.

By the way, if you wanna find some ho's, look no further than your mom or g.f. lololol zing!

I never said I dont catch fish... I was just skunked the first time ive EVER been coho fishing. This is WHY im posting on this forum in the first place. I need to gain knowledege and im obviously not getting any from you, so please keep your childish remarks to yourself.

They will probly get modded anyway.

They were NOT spawned out pinks. It was in a pool just in a seam with faster moving water. I could see them moving in and out moving up stream. They surfaced many times.

Annnnd I never took anger out on you... lol I said you were being an ass, But thats cause you deserved it not cause I was angry.

hahahahahahaahahahahaha, beak!

Fishing forum > Where are the ho's??


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Catch: 3 Rainbow Trout
Thu, Nov 23, 2017
Vedder - Pillings
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Sat, Sep 30, 2017
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Fishing: Difficult
Catch: 0
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