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today is october 22, the river im fishing on is closed to all retention of salmon, if i am fishing for fun, catch and releasing, am i technically doing anything illegal?

im just wondering because when i got back to my truck today i had a note saying this

"this river is closed to all salmon retention until november 1st, your license plate number has been reported to F/O"

im guessing when he said F/O he meant fisheries and oceans

thanks for the reply

He's wrong. If you read the regulations, like a lot of members here need to, then you'll see that the regulations for that river is closed for salmon FISHING (not retention) all year except hatchery coho salmon retention in November. If you are there just catching and releasing salmon for fun, then you need to be fined.

unusual but i have to agree with beak 007. i gave the same answer on a prior post. if you are fishing that river you have to use trout gear. if you are using lures/bait which targets salmon you are indeed guilty!

ya but it says closed to the retention of salmon, not catch and releasing

what river are you talking about? the only one i can see opening for coho nov1 is kanaka creek. it says no fishing for salmon above the 112th st bridge. below the bridge it appears you can c + r but it is not acceptable in my mind to target coho. wait for the season and catch your one per day. coho are too fragile to " practice " with.
what i thought you were talking about is one of the many rivers that says "no fishing for salmon". some people seem confused by this and think c + r is ok. they are wrong. no fishing for salmon means what it says. i assume beak 007 was also thinking of the same thing. it just goes to show you have to check the regs before heading out to any river to see what is open and what is not. as well on the fraser and thompson rivers there are bait bans at diferent times to protect the sensitive coho runs.

there are no fish there anyways, i wouldnt fish it til it opens but you are probably wasting your time

I think this loophole stumps some of the co's and dfo staff too.It's too bad they don't make the regs more black and white.That being said,if salmon are closed to to retention,maybe they should be left alone anyway.

The rule IS black and white. It says "NO FISHING for salmon", not "NO RETENTION of salmon".

If u can't tell the difference between the 2, go back to high school english or stop fishing.

Beak,unless I missed something,the original post never said what system this was.Even the note on his car said "no retention".How is it you know what regs said.Did you leave the note?

yes beak. afraid you might have to go to high school. (amazed you can already read at your level). not all of the streams say "no fishing for salmon" . check out the regs for kanaka creek for example. no retention is diferent than no fishing.

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