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Went to the stave today landed 35+ chum (float fishing jigs) and two coho it's hot right now!

P.S. All the chum were In the mouth (and the coho of course)

Mouth of the river or mouth of the fish(or both?)

Meaning the confluence with the fraser? south of hayward lake?

No, sorry. I was at the usual part of the stave I meant all fish were hooked in the mouth part of fish

Were the chum fresh or black and ugly?
Can you tell me how to get to Stave river, i have never been there, and how much line is from your float to weight to hook?

The chums were in okay condition but most were fairly dark , for the stave you want tO use a slip float so you'll have between 0-1 foot between your float and leader and make your leader around 1-1/2 foot long and use JIGS

Sorry I'm not good at giving directions so just look it up on google maps or something

Was there good parking over at the mouth haha. For stave get directions to hayward st in mission. I park up that road before the bridge over the dam in a nice parking lot ( only spot i know but still good). If you live far away though just look for local rivers. Im sure theyre just as good

just came back from stave and yes its hot. hooked one almost every cast (bottom bounced + long leader). Snagged a lot probably because of bad technique..and snagging them is not fun.. because they fight much harder and they will take you for a ride haha.

Ya, flossing them with long leader in a spawning stream is real funny, Har har.

Pathetic as usual...

You're snagging them because you're bottom bouncing and using long leaders!!!! No need to floss chums!!! They are aggressive biters. Try short floating a pink/purple jig, purple or chartreuse wool trimmed to the size of an egg (fish egg), hammered brass colorado spinner. Those are a few examples, no need to be a snagger.

You guys are the type of fishermen that I yell at. flossing chum? come on.... you have to SUCK at fishing if you have to resort to flossing chum..

So are they at the mouth confluence with the fraser, or just north at the dam to hayward lake?

so hurting, anyone who flosses in the stave is a r tard beak

This is why I like fly fishing

Yeah, because fly fishing doesn't floss fish at all lmao!

I am reading this forum every fall when chum is coming in Stave and I think it is time to put an end to this discussion which in occurring every year.

I AM FISHING IN STAVE ALL TIME AND THE PEOPLE WHO SAID THEY ARE USING FLOAT FISHING THEY ACTUALLY STILL BB . Their float is letting so much line free that the weight is dragging the bottom and float IS drifting horizontally .

Let's be fair unless you are fly fishing or keep less than 2' free line under your float you are still BB.

There is another problem in stave which each of us should consider. NO RESPECT FOR THE PEOPLE FISHING AROUND YOU AND LACK OF EDUCATION. And two person who respond in this topic proved it.

I give you a hint about what float fishing means.
Sorry but I had to say. Enjoy your fishing trip

I was there yesterday and I found the same thing that Fishinthehook said.

Out of everyone I saw at the river yesterday 50+ people. Me and the guy beside me were the only ones short floating. But his line between float and weight was 10 feet, like you said, he is still bbing.

I have 3-4 chum shortfloating roe bags, jigs, or blades.

of course they are all float flossing, what do you expect from beaks and people who cant speak english? The stave chum fishery is a pathetic beak fest, good thing the yare probably closing it down tomorrow. Never should be opened in the first place. Now all the beaks are gonna have to go buy fish. Beaks be gone!

Is fishing for chum on the stave still good? how long will it last?

It's simple.If you are floating jigs or blades,aim for 2'off the bottom.The better fish will move up to get it.If you are fly fishing,don't swing a fly through a tailout stacked with spawning fish.Look for slower water and again,fish the upper portion.Fish look up.

I heard that chum fishing is closing early ,as of tomorrow night .Is this a rumor or is it true ??

Yes -

Fishing forum > Stave is hot!!!!!!!!!


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