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This message is for Cagey:

I will be back home late Sunday night and will be out and about a bit on Monday and was wondering if you still wanted to meet up so that I am able to *GET* (LOL) some of your famous roe from you as we discussed before? I will be heading into Enderby as well into Vernon so I could meet you wherever you choose and don't mind making an extra drive to wherever you are if that makes it easier. You can shoot me an email @ to exchange further details and I will check it as soon as I can again......made that email account up just to post on here so that I don't put my actual email address on here for all to see, lol

Thanks Cagey and hope to hear from you!


You might want to delete this topic Mzmann as it is only legal to purchase roe from commercial source that has legally obtained it. (page 9 of the Freshwater Regs.) Just a heads up, should take this to a private discussion between you and Cagey.

hahah if I wanted to play junior fish cop i'd stand at keith wilson bridge with binoculars. just sayin'

not a problem . will email you. for the sake of all of the mebers who know the law, if you read the post where i was asked for roe i said i would give him some. i am fully aware it is illegal to sell roe.furthermore, i find it rather tasteless not to help a fellow fisherman when i am able to help.

Not deleting squat as there was nothing done and no matter anyways as cagey stated and as has been confirmed, there is no purchase involved, sure I offered as I seen it as the right thing to do and he respectfully though, what an absolute joke.....btw, even if I had purchased some from somebody ever then good luck with anyone wanting to play fish cop with just an email address or a forum post with no proof of actual wrong doing, lol.....incredible people on here I tell ya. My bad though still for not knowing that it is not allowed to purchase from a fellow fisherman.....guess I know for future not to do the right thing and offer payment or trade of any sort.....something im sure half the people on here (at least) have done in some way or another in the past, lol

Gee, sorry mzmann, I was just trying to give a heads up, nothing meant by it. Thought it would be helpful to suggest going private. Also mentioned the Freshwater regs. page that covers this for the benefit of others reading this topic. BTW I don't even keep the roe from my does, it goes back into the river to add nutrients. I only fish gear ( this is a hint for you, don't put all your faith in roe, I haven't used roe in over 10 years) 9 hoes in the freezer so far this week, 3 more and I've got what I want for the year.

roe will outfish gear almost all the time. Once in a while spoons/blades do better but rarely. Mzmann, dont pay any attention to what these guys say, they are beaks

No worries cutfisher and no offense taken, I was just stating that really there was no harm done and no wrong doing done, .......I plan on going with roe as well as spinners/spoons and blades as I just wish to go with a full arsenal is all, lol

lolololol...hillarious its ok to break the law if you felt it was doing the right thing by offering,
from the ones that push the rules so much to....hypocrites....again

First off where did I say that its ok to break the law.....I had no idea that offering a fellow fisherman some compensation for a small amount of his roe constituted breaking the law.....I am 100% sure that many if not most on here have indeed gotten roe before from a fellow fisherman and given him some sort of payment for it in some way, shape or form whether it be beer, whiskey, a lure, pot, hooks, line, fish, whatever.....that would also constitute "payment" and therefor would as well be considered breaking the law......whatever though, dont worry GA I won't be offering to purchase roe from a fellow fisherman again (or at least not on here in the presence of beaks like yourself) so you need not get your panties all in a knot.
Think this will be my last post on here for awhile as I am done with the childishness and pettiness of a select TWO on im sure others are as well.

Over and OUT! Happy fishing all!

there is a post started by mr jeff about improvements to this site. the most important change would give the moderator the capabilty of banning those who continue to harras everyone on the site yet have never posted anything of any relevance to fishing. i assume beak 007 you merely sit in a dark hole reading the regs then try to show off your new found knowledge. there is a big diference. i knew the regualtions long before you were in diapers and have followed those rules. i do not need a beak like yourself trying to be a hero nor does anyone else on this site.
so beak 007 when you get out of those diapers and learn how to fish you will be able to contribute to this site . in the meantime do us all a big favour and get lost.
you and your constant bs has cost this site far more good members than any 20 of the other troube makers on this site. fortunately mostof the oters have gone elsewher. join them!
sugar magnolia

Well said cagey!!

didnt realize having a good chuckle at this was getting anything in a knot. and i never said i agreed with the law on that one.

Such drama! lol

This post (and most as of late on this site) are a perfect example of why those that used to contribute significantly, just cannot be bothered anymore. I and many others no longer post or do so very infrequently now. I continue to do fishing reports because juvenile beaks cannot reply or flame those. I also read occasional posts, but unfortunately something has happened on this site that has rendered the forum nearly a complete waste of time (and just not worth it for those that have lives).

Cagey, I don't know how you do it. But one of these days we need to do some fishing, ttys.

Yes we are all not perfect, shame!

And then you have the "moderator" with multiple personality disorder and acute verbal diarrhea...

MrJeff, believe it or not your 2 bits is not required for each post.

Love you too Chaka, good to see you have not changed, and moderator, no.

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