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i only had 2 hours this morning to try my luck for springs.
two friends from vernon and lumby were there when i arrived. one had lost a fish already. within the hour i had hooked 3 fish , only to loose them within 5 feet of the net. at least i was having fun. more than my friends could say! i decided to stay another hour. finally i managed to land a nice 14 pound doe. one more cast and i have to go i said to my friends (good, they said. maybe we will have a chance). down went my float again. this time a colourful 25 pound buck which was released to finish spawning. what a morning. 5 fish that were solidly hooked plus another 4 that got off within friends had one bite the whole 2 hours i was there.
it is more fun to land the fish but since i have all the salmon i need already i guess long release is not bad. the thompson river fish are now ahead 6 to 2. tha shuawap river fish won 8 to 2 . not a great average but lots of fun! can't wait until tommorrow morning!

hey, just a quick question. what time of day can you start fishing on the south thompson?? it doesnt say on the regs like it does for the shuswap. thank you very much for an answer!!!

1 more quick question! lol. is it faster to get to the south thompson from vernon by turning at faulkland or going highway 97 the whole way? thanks a bunch!

somewhere it says daylight hours which is 1 hour before sunrise/after sunset.
i don't think it makes much diference time wise whether you stick to the hwy ot take the chase-falkland road. if you do not know the road, the chase-falkland road can be a bit tough. it is quite windy and sometimes the 5 km gravel section can be rough. lots of animals too (i take the road all the time but do not drive fast especially after dark).
i was out this morning. had a couple of bites then just as i was about to give up i hooked a beautiful 15 pound doe. absolutely silver fish. nice red meat!
i tried little shuswap lk last night. it was a blast. my buddy caught a 25 pound doe and i landed a 20 lb buck. both were quite coloured compared to other fish i have caught and seen this year. they weren't that bad though and will soon be in the smoker. fishing the lake was very different. we used a small dodger with a hook attached right to it. i had a silver dodger while my partner had a red one. we trolled them with no weight. there is an area out from the river outlet where there are no weeks. we trolled that area. if you have a boat you might want to try it. they sure fight without the river current holding them back!


another great morning today. i was fishing with 6 friends. one had 2 bites. the rest had none. i guess the fish love my roe. i landed 3 and lost a 4th at the net (only kept a nice silver 14 pound doe). i had several other fish on for a second or two. my friends sent me home, wanting me to leave my roe behind!(i didn't !).

Goodstuff Cagey! want to sell some of your now "famous" roe when I get back to Canada around 10th of Oct? lol....going to need some for my first Vedder trip! lol

i can probably spare some! your guide should supply you with roe. as well, they will likely hook you up with some chum. they have great roe and are not bad smoked. drop me a reminder when you get back. i believe you live in vernon when home. i often get there so can drop you off a bag to get started.

Awesome Cagey!! You the man!!

Yeah our guide will be supplying while we are out on the Fraser for the 2days Salmon/Sturgeon but we will be there a day early and also 1 or 2days afterwards to fish the Vedder just ourselves.

I also heard that chum have good roe but as we are not at all familiar with curing and such...YET! lol....we were just going to go out and buy ready made stuff like the procure and such or whatever we could find at the tackle shops down there or at home before we left just to make it as easy as possible, lol. Additionally we probably wont be using bags/sack and just opting for the bait loop instead (we don't mind if we go through more roe this way as we will only be down there for a short time)

Is you're roe ok for bait loops as well Cagey? heck even if not the im sure we will try it out with sacs anyways!!7

If you want i'm sure we can even save the eggs we get down there for you?.....Will hopefully be returning with a nice cooler full of fish so I dont think it would be a problem with a few bags of roe in there as well

Yes, I do indeed live in Vernon and no matter even if you couldn't make it into town as I would be more than willing to make the drive to wherever you are at as well.

Thanks again Cagey....will drop you a reminder for sure closer to when I am coming back (will be home on the 10th) you just want me to drop you a message on here or do you have an email I can reach you at if that works any easier for you?


i always check here. i usually tie roe bags but it will work with just the loop. i use onion sacks for tieing. i'll show you when i see you.
catch you in october

Sounds good Cagey.


as the season winds down it is getting hard to find the silver fish like a week ago. i released a big old buck today as well as one friday. tommorrow will be my last chance. would love a nice silver doe end my season. there are lots of fish in the river although they are getting fussier about what they bite !

got out for a final try this morning.the season is open until thursday but i am booked solid.
my partner landed 2 nice springs, keeping a 15 pound silver fish and lost another. another buddy lost a couple. myself, i had a couple of bites before finally hooking a 20 pound doe. it was not as silver as my buddies (i offered to trade fish but he declined). it will be in the smoker tommorrow!
although i missed the best fishing on the shuswap as i was away moose hunting, i still managed to land 11 springs, tagging 9. definitely one of my better seasons. now back to hunting and fly fishing!

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