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I have been using a 6 ft rood with 10lb line. Small Daiwa reel. No leader. Snap swivel and spoon. Is this too light? I hear people hook into chinooks. Should I upgrade to my 10 ft rod and perhaps a heavier line? Is a spinning set up better or a baitcaster? I have both. I want to feel the fish, but don't want a broken rod if I hook into a chinook. I haven't hooked one up yet (pink or chinook)...but this should change soon I hope. Thx for your help!

no need to throw it way out for pinks so should be easy to avoid springs. i run 7 foot rod. black max abu garcia level wind reel. 20 pound main braided line.,..reg line only needs to be 10 max.
anything almost would be good., i bet i can break a stick from a tree and tie a shoelace to it and paint it pink and get them. im using also my fly rod. 4 wt...light stuff and dont have any problems.
as far as a reel a bait cast or level wind are easiest for quick cast n retrivals. more your in the water more chances rather than clicking over bails to go again. as far as line goes. like i said i run 20 braid for the heavier in case reason. but with braid its thin. more about diameter for good casting light gear.
going to post up some gear later for this.

if theres anyone in mission area and is new to this and wants to learn what and where to do pinks just say and i can hook up under mission bridge, days or evenings. id rather help a new guy out than see him get discouraged and give up

oh...and they have to be a civilized human

GA you sound like the man me and my buddies nee to watch..we got the right gear but this yr our luck is just crap

Thanks GA for the info. Next time im in Mission I'll be sure to look you up. My luck is like dead's and is dead. That'll change soon I hope.

be patient for the pinks yet still. just started 2 days ago to come few days will be getting better each day

Getting better daily? Indeed! they're coming for sure. Spent a couple hours in the main arm at East Richmond last night, nothing for an hour then nothing but fish for another hour - at least one hit every cast.

Gear, we fish with 7' spinning rods. 10lb mono on one, 20lb braid on the other two. Two years ago I snapped a rod in half on a pink, but, I think i'd actually bruised it the day before so it wasnt really too surprised. Havent had any trouble with line breakage on fish, just be mindful of your drag & all's good.

ya getting better.,..its just the beginning. wait to see what it like when it son. water will be bubbling up with so many fish when its on

Hooked into my first last night. Line snapped even though I had the drag set perfect. It was a Pink so it wasn't pulling that hard. I then examined my line and it was brittle as heck. I forgot how old that line use! Just a reminder to others, don't use old line.

good deal. i ran out of line myself. i ran 20 pound main line, spider wire. kept backlashing on me. so lost some and even casting i was spooling myself..time to redo the reel.
had my fly rod as well and need to change that set up to. couldnt cast worth a crap with a heavy fly and sinking line.

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