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Author Topic: fished scale bar on sunday with eddie murphy and his caddy with a butterfly net.

lol...its always entertaning...may have even heard me go off on one of our buddies. he cried another bud took his bigger sox and didnt want to take the others he had on our pool so i lost it on him about regs. tried convincing him 2 inches wont make it taste any better and even offered up 2 of my 20 pound springs to shut him up...wouldnt take them. would rather
fishing was slow??? we couldnt keep them off our hooks. we went with 6 in our group and all limited out 2 nice springs and more average. pinks sox. fishing was easy...but not till sun hit the water...both sun and mon was same..soon as it did i even said to buddy and bam..spring on with first cast. 80 pound leader 100 pound braided snapped main line..buddy was at entrance doing his counts for pinks on monday as well.

the ones i saw not catching fish where using to short of leaders. or cant hit fast water line to get the bigger ones. tons of pinks right in fact behind the line of fisherman in river where the pinks. 1 guy didnt even get his toes wet in river and got 2 pring and 4 pink. let them all go

ive been there almost every day for couple weeks now.
yes sir i sit right at top by the marker. ive actualy moved about now as we have such awesome luck. were catching them anywhere from top to bottom. i do see alot not using long enough leaders for them. some i see are litterley 1 foot at most.
we hit it hard this weekend and was there sat,sun and monday. sat and sun we left and limited by 8 am. monday was same but we stuck around doing catch n release and trying to help a few beginners.
later ill load up the pics of our day on monday...and for others trying to say im over counts...we had 6 of us on the beach so this will be more than 1 fish count. i have them here for a smoking session and is fully legal to do. nothing sold nothing gifted. just supplying brine and a home to do this at

lol....if you where there did you hear me going off on one of our rookie buddies. asswipe wanted to leave his catch on the beach cause another buddy took his bigger one..,
his stpidity and ignorance made me loose it. im sure the whole beach heard if it wasnt so dam windy that day

I'm inspired to give Scale a try. I survived PegLeg last year so I am sure I can handle Scale. Are waders necessary at Scale? If you get a fish, do you simply back up to shore and drag them up or do you need a net at Scale? Thanks.

just ignore the idiots. over the season ive come to find the morons that are at these places are the noobs with ego bigger than iq`s.
wadders are a bonus as it does get a touch competitive to get out past the next guy for some dum reason. we brought a guy with us and he went to the top and had no wadders. didnt even have to get his toes wet and broguht in a could springs and multi pink and sox. all released as he was above the marker for fishing. and for the marker for no fishing, ive been lazzy and took advice from here and didnt look it up myself..apperently that isnt a fishing marker..its private property for the ones in the road behind the bush. multiple small signs up in the tress i see now. didnt go up and read but had many tell me that isnt a fishing marker???. dosent seem that anyone cares nor says anything nor fisheries as they saw many above the mark fishing and did nothing
anyways so like i said wadders help but not needed. and will also depend a bit on fish species your after...spring i do way better right 20 foot into fast water. anything else is way less. pinks about 20 foot from shore. i actualy see them swiming up behind the fishing line.
dont go screeming fish on like some do and its just a pink or sock..for spring yes as its more a fisht. the others are to small to need to go down river to bring it in...some seem to feel the need though like its a 200 pound whale. most cases they pull in easy like a dead boot..socks anyways. then ya, for me as soon as my betty is at water level i walk them back to beach. spring is way arent going to stand still for them...not of any size anyways. i run 300 yrd on my reel and almost each larger one spools me. monday i ran 100 pound braided main line and 80 mono leader and snapped me like a twig. almost pulled me in as i was reeling in. didnt expect the hit

i was running alot of vid of us pulling our catches in and our spring fights. i may feel brave to share here. just so much criticism on here
right now lots of snags in areas..i found keeping my tip straight up avoided most of them. so bring lots of gear. when you think you have enough.,.,,make 10 more right on the marker at the top is plum full of snags. musta broght in 200 worth of gear in 2 days..its nice running 100 pound braided for that...

GA, would you mind showing me the location where you caught your fish, or explain how to get there please? My Dad and i are really wanting to hook into a spring this year. Thanks!

I guess my 30lb braid is not enough! No wonder I lost that Spring. The guy at the Hope store said it would be fine!

katfish...30 pound would be fine. need to know how to use the drag on the reel to work it with small line. few weeks back took about a 5 foot sturgeon with 20 pound test, it can be done. that style of fishing is hard on equipment and line. check it often for frays. and some braid is crap. look for teflon coating to help slid and ease of un snagging the gear. spend cheep for this and you will just be frustrated.

yz...not sure if you even know where scale is so its hiway 7 towards hope, just before the loop around to go into town of hope there is a truck scale on the right side. find safe parking. ive yet to have any issues myself. i keep to the first section of cars as im usualy there for 4 am for closer to walk. wherever ypu decide to park walk back to the corner where the cars first start parking and go behind the baricade on the corner and down towards the tracks. when you face the tracks the trail for continuing is a bit to the left, yes there is a sign right as you cross that its cp land and so on so im not conding this law breaking...due so at your own choice as hundreds of others do all day long...anyways its a bit of a walk so bring heavy salmon bags or a backpack to carry them out...just keep following the trail for about 20 min or so and youll come out to the gravel bar, i go up towards the top end of it. the middle seems to fill first so i like my space for a while will see a white triangle painted on a board on far side and behind you in the tress. this is suposed to be the no fish above marker.
so i try to stick around that area sorta. if its slow ill move down. to be honest ive done well almost anywhere from top to bottom. i think its more technic/set up than location. if i want my springs i want 20 foot out in fast water. sox ill keep no further than 20 before the fast water line. pink ill underhand cast almost they are so close...i managed to find a pool out there of them and 6 cast in a row got a pink...let them go...each one i do different stuff with rod to make it go where i want it to as best i can in the current. some think this is just throw a line n hook out and wait...those are the ones failing to catch anything. lately with there so many snags out there i keep my tip up as it goes down river as it passes in front of me i begin to lower it and i feel the bouncing hit harder then. if i keep tip down for better setting hook the line goes under the waster and hooks on crap and then pulls the rest into it. tip up avoids the line droop in the water..somewhat. i run it way long of a bounce and when i feel it slow or stop at the end i yank up and reel fast. i run about 15 to 18 foot leader. wool colour dont matter. i use a corky and i like the ornagish and green ones with black stipe or dots on them...may not matter but its what i run. i will try to keep to the spring fish colour preff weather it helps or not. im sure if it saw a green flashy deal right by its head it will attack. i sure as hell feel them attack my hooks over the dead pull of a sock. most guys i see let tip down once fish on..straight up. i also dont be like most and need to walk the whole beach with it. play it..make it tired out far in the deep. dont burn yourself out. then as it just sits begin to reel in. if it hits again let it go.. dont force it or be excited and in a hurry. when its done it will come right in with ease get the betty at water level and walk it back in to shore.

make sure to note the limits and sizes...4 springs and 1 only can be over 62 cm right now.

just remember to bring lots of gear.


Fishing forum > fished scale bar on sunday with eddie murphy and his caddy with a butterfly net.


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