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On Friday Sept 2 2011 the CN police in conjunction with the RCMP issued tickets for trespassing to everyone crossing the railway tracks at the sea bird, pipe line and scale bars at the cost of $115.00 a person. So take a few minutes to check and see if there are any bloodsucking leaches attached to your rear end before exiting the forest or you might find these little KLING ONS attached to your wallet as well. Time to get our political leaders involved to create access ways and places to park so that everyone can enjoy fishing for salmon without fear of penalty or personal injury. If you enjoy fishing for salmon start opening lines of communication with other fishermen or fisherwomen and those who can change things for the better, love to hear your thoughts on the subject thanks. fishinmusician.

total cash grab. correct me if i am wrong but aren't all the bars above the agassiz bridge along hwy 7 only accessible by crossing the tracks. i can understand why the cn is wanting to stop people from walking down tracks, my cousin is an engineer for them and says it is a scary thing to come around a bend and see people walking up or down tracks. but a simple cross of the tracks like you have at seabird equaling a fine is just ridiculous.

Hey joy of fishing open your mind there is an answer where all can exist I have been fishing that bar for 20 years without any problems, why now? what has changed? Before kingdoms change men must change there is an answer and I will not stop fishhing that bar nor will I stop crossing railway tracks that stand between myself and places where fish hold but I am open to discussing subjects were common sense should prevail and not communism in a free society, change yor name to the ignorance of fishing. Also if there was a problem wouldn't you like to know about it?

Thanks Strobes now that is a response that makes sense, the comment about the engineers point of view is a good one and eventually someone will be seriously hurt or killed so why don't we do something about it and create access ways at the point of entries where people like to fish as well as some sort of other arrangment for parking. I believe in answers and not walls that keep peopole out.

ya my cousin has told me scary stories of the tracks from agassiz to hope. he told me he was heading up the rail to boston bar and at the scale bar he saw guys walking down the track towards the train. he blared the horn and they kept coming, at that point stoping the train in a short distance is impossible. the guys did get off the tracks before it was too late, but you could only imagine the stress it put on him knowing if they dont move there is nothing he could do.

as well i agree with your thoughts on access and parking. walking back to my car along the hwy today i stayed right along the bush line and as far away from the road just because of the cars speeding by. the signs for no parking cause more of a danger with fisherman having to walk long distances down the hwy. as for the tracks, a set of warning lights at the major bars would be a logical idea just as they are set up for road crossings. i have no idea the cost of these signals. but if there is something blocking fishermans access to a legal fishing area then something needs to change. we all buy our license and salmon tags to fish and handing out fines to people just trying to do so is unfair without allowing us other options to get there.

I agree this is really unfair. I also got a 40$ ticket for parking way on the grass side. So we cant go fishing at sea bird anymore?

Good to see enforcement officers finally punishing all these unlawful individuals. Serves u right IMO.

Obey the law, just like you would obey the fishing regulations.



Admin - comments deleted. No discussion necessary


lol...i like that...obey laws human laws like we do fish laws. some dont seem to get that on this site....again value fish above human....sad

Fishing forum > tickets issued for tresspassing


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