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killer fisher

wondering if anyone had any luck with a buzz bomb for pinks

got a couple on pink buzz bombs two years ago. They're a bit of a double edged sword really - heavy so you can throw them a long long way, but, they sink so fast you need to retreive them quickly, which isnt the magic answer for pinks

bought a couple of the new super small ones to try this year, few times out, nothing on them yet, but it's early still!
killer fisher

yeah i picked up a size 2 pink buzz bomb and nothing yet.. i found out a couple days ago that theres one size smaller
sugar magnolia

Been hamering them on a small pink buzzbomb here on the sunshine coast,A fast retrieve is the ticket for me.

sugar magnolia> do you jig your buzz bomb while retrieving it, or do you just reel it in fast?
sugar magnolia

I jig a little,let it sink,reel fast,jig,let it sink,,,been workin well for me here in sechelt.

Used a 2" pink buzz bomb in the river at richmond last night for the first time. I certainly like the cast distance compared to the spinners thats for sure

slow straight retrieve, two hookups & one landed in the space of about an hour. Compared to everyone else there (there were LOTS of people there), i'll call that an unmitigated success.

might try one under mission bridge. i have some lures we make for them that are killers. ill post em up later. pretty much each cast hoos one.


That guy, nope, dont think so. But i didnt look too closely beyond the people right beside us.

the 2" pink bb killed last night. an hour of nothing & an hour of nothing but fish. woo hoo!

good deal, going to have to try mine soon




I don't understand you GA (spelling aside). This thread topic is free of bullshit, with the exception of your posts.

Take a breath. Next time something upsets you, maybe just walk away.

ga - thought you were done with site as posted on Fishing with Rod. "yes rod i get how they work..i own a few forums myself for diff topics. some sites just seem to have more hatters than others is all and was hopping this wasnt one. others ive delt with do nothing about the insulting personal diggs to. thats a bit far. or the threats. thats why i bailed on dull hooks site
opinions are long as thats where it ends
again wasnt meant to insult your site nor the members. i can take any opinon on any long as thats as far as it goes...some dont and they let it go...or even ban some for just being a" And next is the SharpHooks slam.
"i was just asking as i havent been posting much on here till today and all i see is slam the bouncers so far...,no offence yes some are complete idiots but not all and i hate being labeled in with the rest of the fools out there. and rod no its not just this site, most sites is why im looking around for a new home to share my info and reports with, sharp hooks is a complete joke. thats bottom feeding that place."

It can be fun to see these moments, when a person is so caught up in making the world his own little play thing, that he exiles even himself from the island. And so he grew the face of a troll, to remind the world how ugly people can be.

why,..i say i think this sites a joke here to. im not afraid to say how i feel. it is my right to have an opinion as the non bouncers do, and i said the same to them.
just bugs me to see the same ones over and over stir crap or push im not allowed an opinion and its ok for them to insult and flame everyone??,,ok didnt know thats how the site went. ill join the other side then and flame as well.
Xeblaro ....ya i do go off at times. been having some crap life stuff at the moment and its hard to bit my toungue sometimes.

Fishing forum > any luck with a buzz bomb?


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