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Went out to Sea bird Island today, got 2 sock's and a pink. People arounf me caught all of their limits and ive seen more than 6, 25pound+ springs gettin pulled in. good day fishing, nice chrome socks and a pink.

Very nice. Can someone explain why the vedder seems empty though when the Fraser is doing great? It's much closer to my area so that's where I would like to go.

I've been out at jesperson bar the past 2 days for approximately 5 hours each day and haven't got any fish. Everyone around us never got anything either. We were anchored. The exception was tonight, but in that 4.5 hour period we saw 1 sock caught, and 3 springs. Nothing for anything else. The river seems very dead. I'm guessing that commercial opening took everything. One more try tomorrow morning and then we head home. This is the worst fishing I have experienced so far on the Fraser.

everyone knows its pink corkies for pinks and green for sockeyes

I was bottom bouncing, I used a hook with 1/2 inch" of red wool on the hook, 12 ft leader and a 3oz betty, or a 2oz. Like i said every 3rd cast is a sock, seen so many HUGE springs caught.

Went fishing yesterday and was only expecting to catch my 2 sockeye so i was fishing with 10 pound line and on the first cast guess what I hook? At least a 20+ spring, I was amazed but the fish ran to china and didn't come back ): cause it snapped my line like butter) This just didn't happen 1 time, I lost 5 more within 2 hours. I had 1 really close to being landed and it was huge (25 pounds ) and i tightened my drag and walked back and told my friend to grab it and about 3 sec before he grabbed it , the fish decided to take off like a rocket in the water resulting in line snapping like butter. There was soo many springs in the water.

Will I am pretty newbie too salmon fishing. This is my first year going out past chilliwack to fish for salmon. With the latest reports I would have thought the river would be full of sockeye and pinks only with a few Chinooks but there seemed to be more of them then the other fish lol.

When I arrived at 8am and threw out my first cast it was SPRING ON!! I was so excited I have never caught a salmon in my life ever on a fishing rod . So please give me a break , I am only 19.

Thanks for the tips though , those fish are sure strong and even though It costed me about $100 to bring three people fishing that day it was worth every pennies being on a snag-less bar with tons of fish, its truly a fisherman's dream (:

Next time I am going with 40+ braided line and I was wondering if you can you use braided as your leader or does it have too be mono for the BB. And i know there is other ways of catching them and I have been fishing for trout with flies for years at lafarge. I noticed a big difference in the fight between a brood and sockeye. Its way diff, even the sockeye is more jumpy.


I would still use mono as leader just so you have a weak link if you snag.

So 20+ mono should be ok?

25-30lb mono is good for your bb leaders, you dont loose near as many fish or tackle and the heavier stuff is normaly a bit stiffer so it wont tangle up on your betty as much when you cast. I could only imagine how offten you had to untangle your leader using that 10lb. I treid using 12lb. one year and that only lasted about a day. it doesnt have to be the most expencive line either, I use that berkley big game for bb leaders you can get a big spool 440yrd. at CT for like under $15.

Went out again today, got the biggest spring that i have ever hooked on in my life and when i am about to drag it on the rocks, my friend grabs the line and wham he jumps and swims back to his home Also lost a big sockeye and lost it. My Dad Lost a huge spring and 2 big socks due to bad old braid.
My friend caught 20 pound + red spring, 2 pinks, and 2 socks, and he let me fight one of his pinks. Well this is my report today, on my way to get brand new everything and its another day tomorrow. Still very unhappy when my spring got off

Hi, Goin Fishing, im hooking up springs at seabird Island. There are alot of springs being caught right now and you dont even have to be a pro to catch them. Do you know where seabird island is? I caught my first spring at sea bird and it was so much fun.

Do you need waders?

I have been fishing St Elmo's Road but it should be called snaggy bar II, lost 10 rig ups including leader savers. I did get my 2 sockeyes . I have never been to Sea bird ,I hope people don't stand in the water up to there waist and cast .

Hi Goinfishing, You take highway 1 until Agassiz rose dale highway, and after you cross the bridge, go to haig highway 7, and keep driving on haig highway until you see a lot of cars parked on the right side of the road, there will be "no parking" sings, and just park beside other cars, there will be and entrance in to bush and you have to cross the rail road tracks and walk about 1/2 km to the actual bar, there are 2 bars, the first one that you can see straight away after you cross the railroad tracks and go on the rocks, and just follow the river to the right through trails which leads to the best bar. There are alot of vert nice people who will help you out if your lost. Im goin there tommorow. Sry for a bad explanation buts i cant explain it any better. You do not need waders, you need 2.5-3oz weights

Mrok I only use normal boots because you have to cross a small creek which is like 1/2 of a foot, but no one uses waders there because there is no point.

No problem.

I see that nobody is using a corky above the hook or is it just by perferance .

Goin Fishing i recomend that you do not use a corki, no one uses corkis for springs, and i would make the leader 25+ because the springs are over 25

Goin Fishing i recomend that you do not use a corki, no one uses corkis for springs, and i would make the leader 25+ because the springs are over 25

Hey No problem, i am also a newbie to salmon but you learn from others when your fishing, a lot of nice people there PS just don't go on Saturday or Sunday unless those are your only days off, but every time i get out fishing i learn new things. I am going to Sea bird tomorrow. The best times are 6am-12. The smallest spring that ive ever seen caught there was 20 pounds.

yep the all the ones i saw jumping and when i had mine within 4 ft from shore. It was just beautiful (:

Has anyone gotten a parking ticket for parking at seabird ? Is there any parking elsewere nearby ?

20 lb leader will work. Saw a guy land a 40 plus pound spring on Sunday. Took 45 m and he was in the bag.

By the way, dropped in at Haig Scale. It's excellent there still. No snags. Pretty civil. When crazy people yell coming down with a sock, we all laugh.

Thats funny, I guess newbs just see other people do it and copy :P

How was the fishing at Seabird on Friday ?? Will give it a try tomorrow .

trust me i believe it (: I think i had one a few days ago at scale bar.

Ok Goin Fishing, i went out to seabird yesterday also, the snow melted from the ice caps from the heat and you have to cross a small river/creek like 2.5 ft high. I caught nothing, and my dad came with me and he lost, 2 springs, and a big sockeye at the shore because he made his drag all the way to the tightest.... Fishing was pretty slow but people were still catching due to the high water level. I am going out on monday again due to too much people being there on saturdays and sundays and give a chance for the water to come down a bit. I dont know how to make a report in the "Fishing Reports"

Sorry for not reporting earlier, was pretty busy.

Oh, and also my friend came and he got 2 socks and a pink.

The water was over 2 feet deep at the crossing to the fishing bar. Lots od people and kind of slow at the bar as you just get in ,too many people at the far end. Got skunked today .

Had a really goot time in that area Mon and Tue (bagged limit for sockeye). Went back Thursday and nothing. There were maybe 20 anglers and I saw one sockeye and one spring landed. There were 3 springs lost (one by me!!!). A guy said that there was commerical fishery opened for 2 days so no sockeye made it up the river. Maybe they are back now?

Fishing forum > Fraser Salmon report.


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