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#1 Since this is a pink year, is it possible to put on pink yarn and have them actually bit it. I know that flossing fish is basically snagging them in the mouth, but if the presentation is there, and pinks are known biters, isnt it possible they'd go for it? They don't care if the leader is 12 ft or 2 ft. Just thinking of ways to improve hookup chances.

#2 Do corkies work better/worse since they float? Seems to me you want your leader going a few feet above bottom, so they should work better. I am presnentation doesn matter but corker actually change of the leader floats down the river.

gawd. sorry for the typos. and I am not drunk either.

Yea for the fraser i would put pink yarn for sure. I dont have much experience but your hook has to have some sort of marker or wool. Might as well be pink wool this year. Nothing to lose

When your bb you will notice the hook is 99% of the time on the outside of the mouth with the point towards the inside, that is because they are flossed. If the fish were biting the hook would be on the inside of the mouth, the only reason people put wool is so it is legal to fish that way, throw on a chunk of sweater and you will do just as good. Colour doesnt matter at all, the point of the corkie is to keep the hook floating above the bottom and prevent the hook from dulling while smashing against the rocks on the bottom.

Interesting and informative replies. Thanks. It appears that there is very little to gain, but nothing to lose by putting on pink wool. I actually ran out of corkies at Chawtothil the other day. That bar is snaggy. It was so tempting to keep going with a bare hook. People were slaying them all around me, but I went into Hope and restocked.

pinks are going to take any colour thats bright. any type lure also. this isnt a hard thing. you could almost paint a stick a bright colour and they will knock themselves out with

Fishing forum > 2 Flossing Questions


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