Fishing forum > so who the hell put the NO pARKINg Signs at seabird bar and other bars?

Author Topic: so who the hell put the NO pARKINg Signs at seabird bar and other bars?

so who the hell put the NO pARKINg Signs at seabird bar and other bars?

Finally something good happened, keeps the flossers out of that area. First Nations in that area have put up with so many bad behaviours during the sockeye season each year, good for them.

I saw alot of people parking there anyways, i'm guessing it would be hard for the one tow truck in agassiz to tow everyone.
does anyone know of any cars getting towed from there?

Hey beak are you on drugs?

Human nature will go to seabird and other north fraser bars regardless, now you just have to walk farther and possibly risk causing an accident.

Only idiots think this was a good idea.

And flossing is legal. By the way, it's a 12mm socket to remove bolts on signs I heard from a guy out there, you may see some removed.

I have noticed "Admin" is taking a little action here and there after a few weeks of relative quiet from disruptive members. There are one or two topics that could dissapear but please - (kvr take note)

Don't plan or encourage any sort of action, which may be outside the law, here for any reason.

(Facebook and the UK riots).

They put up signs on the Stave last year.Lots of people parked there anyway.In the few times I got out,I never saw any tickets or tow trucks.

ive talked to a few and at some bars they are getting parking tickets then a notice of just a warning below it. i have seen some get towed but like others said with 2 or 3 trucks to tow they cant get many before news would hit the bar and only get a few....
not sure what flosers have to do with illegal parking. i think any human does it fishing or not...been to a mall lately???.

question: What are flossers?

flosser and bottom bouncer....same thing, flossers add wool to the hook to beat the no flossing law

Extract from Fishing Synopsis 2011/13

snagging (foul hooking)… hooking a fish
in any other part of its body other than
the mouth. Attempting to snag fish of any
species is prohibited. Any fish willfully
or accidently snagged must be released

Flossing and Snagging are the same.

i thought the wool made some magical force field to not allow them to be

Fishing forum > so who the hell put the NO pARKINg Signs at seabird bar and other bars?


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