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I am going to drop off my boat at horseshoe Bay and i am going to drop some prawn and crab traps and i am wondering where is the best place to fish off the boat in howe sound or horshoe bay for some salmon or any other type of fish. Thanks

Find the tide lines and youll find your fish, you can always keep on eye on the water and look for a school of fish. You can also use a fish finder to find them and you just have to anchor around the school and cast spoons or spinners. Pinks will hammer it if you find them. (:

What do you mean by the tide water lines? I will probably be fishing from 8am-2pm. How can i spot the schools? I do have a fish finder. Thanks Alot

Tide lines will be the darker lines of water and that's how the fish push in from the ocean. They follow these tide lines were bait fish and plankton build up. If you find the tide lines out on the water than you'll find the fish. The easiest way to spot pinks is too look for activity.

Fishing forum > Pink Salmon Howe Sound


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