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Author Topic: Don't beat me. Where is "Scale bar"?

Don't beat me. Where is "Scale bar"?

I should but then I did not create this site. Please try to use the facilities provided.

Here it is

its in Hope....not recommended to those who cant cast long or else it will be hopeless to go there

are you talking about the spot under agassi bridge off hwy 9 when heading towards hwy 7

Thanks. Wow, 30 mins hike in? that's gonna suck if you have to carry a big spring back.

any way to park on landstrom bar road and walk in faster? better parking there?

while we have a scale bar question open id like to ask on a so called boundry ive been told of at scale. at the upper end on both sides i see the sign with black x on it. ive been told this is a fishing line. no fishing above this.;..but yet they do all day long. ive also looked and looked and looked and see no info on any sort of zone within that bar. so is that what those are and if so why no sign or writting on it to say this. every other no go area ive ever seen has a worded sign to keep out. an x in all my years has never meant no go or dont enter....and x is a crossing. so is there maybe a water or power line under the river bed or is this no go fish line?

well wouldnt anything official have some sort of info on it. how is a new guys supposed to know what that sign means. and where or what shows the opening again cause they fish all the way both sides up n down and inside out from there to hope.,???.how do the rest get away with it upwards then. is there another one around the upper corner or something or somewhere to see the zones and boundries on some map from dfo if its in their rules?

If you check out the regs, the boundaries are clearly defined. Don't get sucked in by other people taking a chance. The boundary stretches around the corner to another set of markers. With the financial cutbacks throughout the gov't, don't expect a well lit sign in both official languages. You are expected to be aware of the boundaries for the area you are going to fish. I have been to spots where the trees etc grew over the signs, but they were still there, as described in the regs, it just took a bit of work to see them.

yes...go to walmart or any fishing and tackle shop and pick up both the regs booklet which is for FREE...on the smaller regulations booklet in the tidal waters side it clearly states about the boundary markers which is on page 91 in the glossary section...i suggest if you are new to fishing read both the books at least twice to fully understand the regs or if caught you can be fined and all your gear confiscated as well...couple of weeks ago a bunch of guys were fined $250 each for fishing out of bounds...i see guys fish there asll the time...same bunch every time too...dont know if they know about the signs

im not new just asking a simple question was all.

thx for the ones that didnt seem to have a problem with just an easy answer.

no, wasnt mocking or anything., we dont all talk or speak the same way is all

Fishing forum > Don't beat me. Where is "Scale bar"?


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