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ya been to scale 4 or 5 times now. good fishing, water is still quite hi but lots fair numbers being cought. fair number of spring taken but mostly sockeye. openings where announced this morning for retention of sox...i must say...what is wrong with bottom bouncer type guys attitudes. apperently you MUST fish the distance they want you to not where you want. supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing day. not out there it aint. gives fishing a bad name...

lol..this was supposed to be a reply to another guess i hit wrong button

if you cast short you will snag the guys fishing up river all the time and thus frustrations...i used to do that but i learnt quickly and longer casts get you those springs

oh i get how it works. but nobody walks up and in 2 min starts telling me how to fush when i stray away from the long distance guys best i can to avoid this. i fish my way not their way. and they dont seem to know the term compromise...i go out you come in a bit. not all have the reel to get way way out. i mean these idiots catch guys 20 people down river...thats a bit far when i h9it a fish almost each cast...but i was must have sucked when i just cut their line being cought on me to often and wont be real about it
not sure what it isa with that style of fishing but ive never met a more rude group in all my years of fishing..they throw rules at you all day like here but yet the garbage and drunks all over the bar is ok???...hypocrites. why is it the drunks go on and on about enough of my rant.
at least you dont have to stay long to get your limit.

Haig turned into a gong show the other day. Shoulder to shoulder, guys casting over top each other, guys casting over "fish on", guys snagging other guys waders and body parts with hooks, etc. Reminded me of the Vedder on a weekend. No courtesy, no manners. Used to be rod length spacing minimum, ask the guy upstream before stepping in below him, lift your rod for a "fish on" from upstream untill the fish was clear of you. Never mind all the guys calling "spring on, coming down" when it was clearly a sock. There were some good guys there, but wayyyy too many beaks, especially for water that fast and deep. It was bordering on dangerous more than once when guys would get thier line tangled around someones legs downstream. There were over 100 guys there at one point, and this was during the week! I guess a lot of people phoned in sick to work.

Fishing forum > ya been to scale 4 or 5 times now. good fishing, w...


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