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(i apologize if someone already asked this question) What would be the best bait for sturgeon?
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I've used squid before and also home cured chinook roe it worked pretty good. Good Luck

K thanks!

It's just getting close to prime salmon bits time.Fresh uncured roe is great.Try gills,hearts and bellies too.The big pink run should spur on some good fishing.

i like to use a pike minnow fillet about 3.5" long, stink bait or eulusions. the pike minnow is by far the best.
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Bring everything you have and more, the more baits the better. They will take one thing one day and not even touch it the next. Eg... Saturday was hammering them on fresh fresh sockeye chunks, also tried, fresh spring roe, fresh sockeye roe, old sockeye/spring roe, lamprey, ooolies and no takers. Next day not even a sniff on fresh sockeye or other baits but they were taking old freezer burnt sockeye strips i had saved from last year. Monday.. got everything on fresh roe and only had a few taps on everything else. Everyday is different for the fish i find. one day their onto a bait then the next they wont touch it. Last week put in 3 days and only had bites on all my baits without a fish on the hook, seen a rotting floating sockeye, squished it up into some sacs and bang 6 fish in 3 hours, next day nothing on the floater i found. Always bring a wide variety of baits and work the spot with each bait before moving. I've caught more fish from changing my bait every 20 mns the moving to a new spot and trying to find them. If you get a bite then nothing else, try fresh chunk of that bait, and if nothing again switch it up.

I have a few guide buddies and they will always go out with every bait they can think of rather then using whats been working, cuz some days they are real picky and wont touch what they were the day before.

Thank you, all of you! :D
Failure to Launch...

FYI.... Been hammering them on pink roe the past week and rotten floaters...

isnt there a bait ban on right now. does this inc fishing with bait for sturgeon...thought it covered all bait
Failure to Launch...

Bait ban is for targeting salmonoid species, if you couldnt use bait for a sturgeon which is a 100% scent fishery what would you use then ??

You can use bait all year when targeting sturgeon.

just trying to be clear on it. roe is roe so the fish dont know the diff. not that i use roe but some do. they also use a as salmon fishing and a line as in salmon. and a rod and in the river.
we cant use it for chinook and those are open still so just double checking. i know chinook is salmon but i dont fish same for those as i do for coho so im targeting something else but is still illegal.

Salmon roe and worms.

what...thats the bait they ban??? we can use fake baits?. i dont think so. and i could use roe as said for strurgeon to. just seems like a pretty vague rulling to me. kinda leaves a few grey areas for some to try and manipulate to their own understanding of it.
im not disputing anyone answer to what the rule realy means but as we see there are a few opinion or views of it. so seems once again nobody realy gets the rules and need to call again to dfo to get it clearer. almost as if the gov does this to entrap some not getting it and make more money for the dept...but no way a gov agency would do that would they??

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