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where should i fish for sockeye and when and what should i use???

sorry if i sound like an old grump but before you post a question why not take the time to read what others have said recently. there is an active thread with the same question you have ! over the first 2 pages of posts there are threads telling you everything from how to tie your hook to the fact sockeye are not open yet and depending on the numbers there may not even be a season.

you're an idiot

He obviously came here for a quick and easy answer from experienced and trusted local fisherman, and cleary didn't want to filter through thread after thread of bickering to find an answer.

You guys are pathetic assholes.

there have been some excellent threads in the last month without any bickering . i guess you have not been keeping up to date lately. don't start any, please.

cagey I noticed you've changed your first response to something more becoming of a decent person. You may just sound like an old grump, but seems to me you just are one.

Come on people... stop the hate and just enjoy the company. That's the point to forums. If you need to grill somebody for asking a simple question, just bugger off instead.

If you don't want to read thread after thread, and get asked question after question, about fishing... than why are you perusing a fishing forum¿

see like i dont know this stuff i didnt even know what flossing was untill a day ago i didnt no it was against the law i never new this stuff you ask me any question about fishing walleye or northern pike or fly fishing brooks i can give you an answer but fishing salmon im clueless. just trying to find out some info..

and guys please stop bitching about shit on my thread im just a guy wanting to learn how to learn to fish some new spots and catch some new fish..

xeblaro, i did not change my thread what so ever.
i realize the purpose of the forum . i enjoy seeing the young members getting into fishing. i contribute whenever i have something of value to contribute. i was not trying to stop anyone from asking questions. i was just suggesting to bassmaster 5000 , and others, that there is a wealth of information about salmon fishing in the lower mainland. abe has gone to the trouble of photo displays od how to tie knots, hook up for float fishing or bar fishing. he even did a post on how to rig for flossing sockeye. there was a post a day or two earlier asking about sockeye season. the answer to his question was 4 threads below his if i recall correctly.
at the end of one of abe's threads on how to hook up, he asked how to do it. abe responded very politely that the answer was in that thread.
i do not mean to be an old grump. and the last thing i want to do is turn a new fisherman off. i was merely requesting/suggesting that members read a few recent posts at least to see if their questions are answered. i did not think i was asking too much and was not in any way meaning to offend anyone.

no bassmaster 5000, noone butchered your threads. the comment was meant to help you . take a couple of hours and read the threads on salmon fiashing over the last two months (2 pages of threads). there is some interesting stuff to read and learn. and, yes, keep asking questions. and feel free to do a thread telling members a bit about other types of fishing you mentioned you have done in the past. i apoligize if you (or anyone else) were offended in any way.
one thing to keep in mind for sockeye this year, it will only open if there are enough fish show up. everyone is chomping at the bit to catch their sox. last year there were 30 million fish. this year the run is much lower. there may not even be an opening. if the is one, the river is so high, there will be very little access unless you have a boat. read the recent post about pegleg bar. it will be very tough fishing this year. as a new salmon fisherman, i suggest you "gear up" for pink salmon. in september there will be 20 million or so pink salmon. they bite anything pink and are lots of fun to catch. where ever you live in the lower mainland, you will not be far from a place to fish........just ask ! tell roughly where you live, wether or not you drive or have a father to drive you, etc. someone will be glad to help.

I don't understand why you guys are overreacting! It probably didn't come to his/her mind to search back on the forum at the moment. They're only asking for some info. No need to get mad! >:U

And now he knows for next time so sto getting mad!

I've fished all my life but just started salmon fishing last year. I found lots of info on this site and other sites. Tackle shops are a great too.

Most people learn from a family or friend. Getting showed HOW is much easier than reading it or being told. It's realy hard when starting out alone but well worth it. Good luck.

yeah see i dont have friends or family to show me how to do this and i just found out where the closest bait and tackle shop is..

outer portion of the gulf opens Thurs.Areas 29-1 to 29-5 with other tidel portions of the Fraser expected to announced tonite or tommorrow.Not sure about the areas above Mission yet.

Fishing forum > when to fish Sockeye


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