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When will the salmon begin to show up more in the ocean, around point robers WA, I was going to fish lighthouse park area or lilly point this week, also any info on the area would be great!! Thanks alot
Louis Vuitton

Hey brah, those are my stomping grounds! Coho are really late there for whatever reason (usually at this time of the year I'm slaying Pt. Bob). You can get coho easily off the beach on gear but I usually fly for them and do pretty well as long as you can double-haul.

Cutties are a bit late too, which is weird, cause they are everywhere up there.

I'd give it a week or so and then hit it up. I've been scouting and haven't seen anything.

Thanks a lot! I have a 12ft fiberglass boat with. 10hp so I can go out a little ways from beach, is there anytyhing I could catch now even just catch and release, I was thinking of just putting some roe on a buzz bomb or spinner and testing my luck? Any advice would be awsome! Thanks alotr

Also I was thinking a couple hundred yards out in front of lighthouse park? Or lilly point any input

I think roe is more of a freshwater bait.You would probably attract more coarse fish than coho.
Louis Vuitton

If you're chucking bombs, get the 3XH size in just pearl, and buy a pack of sharpies in different colours and put one green stripe down one side, or one blue stripe down the other depending on the sun/light and how it's reflecting off the baitfish that you'll see while out there. should give fly fishing a go! If you live out here and want to learn how to let me know and I can help point you in the direction of gear and casting and dakine.

Thanks a lot for all this help louis! I do have a fly rod but it is very weak and more for the trout I catch in streams, I'm very neew to salmon and salt water fishing, just one more question, should I use a float when spinning? Thanks alot
Louis Vuitton

No, not for Point Roberts. I've never found spinners to work well out there anyways. Croc's and Buzzbombs are the only thing I've used out there, and have realized I use the bombs more than anything. If you have a boat, and can get yourself in to position on a school of coho, throw on a popper and hold on- you can get top water action from them and it's a blast.

Also, you can pick up a fly rod outfit from Pacific Angler or similar that is a 8wt for coho for around $200. You don't need to break the bank anymore for good fly fishing gear.

Maybe one of these times we will hit the water together...

Hey guys, I have never fished these waters as i am from manitoba and i only fished for pickerel bass walleye n the odd catfish. I haven't even bagged a salmon yet over here. I don't have an US fishing license or a boat but I'd like to try to catch some salmon from tsawwassen beach. When would be a good time to go to tsawwassen beach? I might go tomorrow from bout 7pm to 10pm and try my luck buzz bombing. Thats when the tide is going out but the waters will only get 2 feet lower so... I don't know if its a good idea or not. But it's good to experiment. If not i'm going saturday from 3pm till when the high tide comes around 6:30pm. I did do some scouting at that 3rd avenue park i forget what its called. But I didnt see any v wakes fish jumping or nervous water. That was around 8:30pm last friday.
Louis Vuitton

Tsawwassen Beach isn't really too well known for successful salmon fishing from the beach as it creates an unnatural bay where the ferry causeway is. The reason Pt. Roberts is better than TB, even though they are essentially the same beach is because of the path the salmon take around the point and the current flows/rips that are present, as well as the natural cover and beach build up. To find catch salmon, you need to go to the salmon. There is no point in wasting your time fishing where there are no fish...unless you want to catch some bullheads and the sort.
A US fishing license is around $40 for the year. I'm sure they sell day passes for cheaper, but you may as well buy a year pass if you plan on fishing more than one or two days.
That park you were at was probably Freddy-G (Fred Gingell).

If you don't want to buy a US license, then either go up to Furry Creek/Squamish and fight off the gong-show of a scene with bull-whip fly fishers (though, they are actually pretty successful), or wait until September when the pinks run the gauntlet on the Fraser and all you need are Crocs in 3/8oz in the Gold/Fire combination...

But still, I prefer to fly fish the beaches for coho up at Point Bob.

Haha jeez louis you sure know your stuff! Thanks for the great info, when you cast buzz bombs do u use a float or just let the buzzbomb sink right down to the ocean bottom and real in

Thanks Lv. Well in that case. I think i will try out the lower fraser around dyke rd around no4 or 5 road and try my luck with pinks. Maybe next week I'll try out that squamish area.
Louis Vuitton

I would try the Squamish area sooner than later before they head up too far and are coloured up.

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