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When will there be a lot of fish coming into the Fraser?
Is right now a good time to bottom bounce?
I usually go for peg leg?
Anyone had any luck?

I assume you mean bottom bouncing for Spring. It's early; however, I have heard of a couple of people heading out.

The specific technique is called Backbouncing and keep in mind there is a bait ban. So use a spin-n-glow instead of roe. You might like this book:

theres lots of fish in the fraser right now

So Abe, should i bottom bounce for the springs on the fraser and have a pretty good chance of getting a spring? It's a 3 hour drive for me to get to fraser so i want to make my times worth. Thanks!

when eveyrbody is talking about fishing the fraser where abouts are you talking and are you shore fishing or in a boat. Im new to the area trying to learn as quick as possible i feel lost here

I usually bottom bounce the peg leg bar from shore, i have a 18ft aluminum but i dont really want to take it out in the fraser.


Is the Fraser too murky and high to bottom bounce ATM or is it good? Whats the conditions?

Some of bars are pretty productive. Many springs and sockeyes are coming out. Extremely busy during all day. Cast your line far away and let a betty bouce on the bottom. Snag springs out.

yz125> if you want to go out im going on monday and tuesday you can join. heres my email

Sorry Abe i cant go out Monday, Tuesday, i have work . But thanks a lot for the offer. Where were you planning to go? Peg Leg? I am going to checkout Peg Leg on Sunday. Thanks

Abe, is Island 22 a good place to bottom bounce? Is it packed in the morning? Is peg leg Better? Thanks

island 22 is pritty good theres a few spots to fish with no snags, you do have to pay $5 to park there, so i think that keeps out most of the loosers.

Abe thanks, I really appreciate reading your posts and info on setups. Much appreciated.

A question though, what about the Lower Fraser. By Derby reach, is bottom bouncing effective there? Im from Langley.
sugar magnolia

Only the losers bottom bounce,lol

Don't start on this again sm. There may be some "loosers" here but they are happy!
The Mac

Derby reach is a bar fishing spot or casting for pinks. If you are bottom bouncing you need to go where the river is narrower and you can hit the main channel such as Peg, Island 22 or Old Orchard (when not under water). Derby reach is a very wide part of the river, bar rig with spin and glo with or without roe from shore to as far as you can cast.

Thanks Mak I really appreciate it. I was successful on Pinks last year at Derby. I was up at island 22 today - hit a Sockeye. I think I'll try Orchard on the weekend.

One quick Q on bar the opertune time when the tide comes in?
The Mac

Supposedly, but I don't know how relevant it is once you are up to Langley. When the tide pushes in, the holding salmon head into the river system so if you were fishing in Steveston or Richmond an hour before to an hour after high tide is supposed to be optimal. By the time they hit Derby they are just joining en masse the other salmon that started before them and I would imagine less affected by the tide.

Fishing forum > Bottom Bouncing Fraser


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