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The restrictions on Okanagan Lake are understood to be there so that the fish stock can recover. So barbless hooks and a restricted Kokanee season are the norm now. There is one change that I would like to explore with the more experienced and that is the allowing of barbless triple hooks.

I assume that there is better chance of landing a fish and less chance of damage to the fish.

So the question is if I should change the single hook on my apex lures to triple and what size to use. Any help would be appreciated.
sharphooks moderator

i'm surprised they allow triple hooks, even barbless. it seems to defeat the purpose of barbless hooks. to unhook a treble hook you will definitely have to handle the fish more.
as for switching the hooks on the apex, it might change the motion. something to look at if you decide to try it.........
as i said, i am surprised they allow them. of couse why do they allow 5 koks per day when they are so endangered!
do the fish a favour and stick to single barbless. if you loose that many fish, change the way you fight them. you might be giving them too much slack. if it is koks you are loosing, they have a very "light mouth" so get off easily. i find by skipping the hardware and just dragging a red fly with maggot gets more aggressive bites by the koks, and a higher percentage landed.better than dragging even a small willowleaf! try it. you may get less bites than with a troll but it is a lot more fun. i use my flyrod with a fast sinking line and let it out right to the backing but you can just use mono and a bit of weight to get it down 20 ft or so.
SharpHooks Janitor

Well don't go half-assed there mrjeff-pofoni. This would be the perfect lure for snaring Kokanee on Okanagan Lake. All you need to do is spray paint it hot pink...

^^^ with lures like that, I'd sooner cook it in than struggle to take them out of the fish I'd catch.

Kokanee don't naturally reproduce and have a life cycle of approximately 3years. I don't see how they would be endangered when fisheries usually encourage them to be caught.

where do you think they come from?. the hatchery fish they release are not able to reproduce but wildkoks sure do. some spawn along the lakeshore and require a steady water level until the eggs hatch, others go up creeks.
the runs in some creeks attract a lot of viewers, just like the salmon. if you are in the okanagan in the fall check them out !

Fishing forum > Triple hooks on Okanagan Lake


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