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So im gonna try my hand at gettin a salmon this year on the shuswap. Live in vernon so most likely head to enderby and then east towards mabel. Any advice on a decent spot, dont wanna stand on the bridge. Im guessing every decent spot on the river is gonna be busy regardless though.. Also any advice on gear.. Roe or wool? Depth etc.. I've never fished for salmon any info would be great.

there are a number of pools, all of which are very busy.
heading towards mable lk there is cooks creek then at the ball park ( a mile before mable lk) has 2 major pools, the slide hole and corner pool. between there and the lake is "the chuck" which is a huge pool. keep in mind the water is going to be very high and dangerous.
most guys these days float fish. see abe's post but use a slip float, generally set about 12 to 15 feet in the big pools. most guys use roe , some only wool.
the best time is first thing and evening. keep in mind the time you are allowed to fish in the lower river, 5 am to 10 pm,
most fish are caught between 5 and 8 am or 7 to 10 pm. this has now changed. daylight hours only starting the 2011 season).
first thing in the morning fst's can be effective, especially at the chuck ( as a beginner i would avoid the chuck.)there are also a few holes you will see on the way out.
usually the best fishing opening day is at the lumby end, fishing below the dam. the enderby end picks up towards the end of august (the earlier fish bomb right through to mable lk where as the later fish hold in the river longer),
maybe we will meet on the river. i'll be there , especially the last week of august. i usually fish the slide hole but it is more a matter of knowing all the guys who fish there. cooks creek can be good, especially early season. good luck !
anything else?

Awesome,thanks. What do you mean by "float fish"? and what are fst's??

full sink tip?

float fishing is hooking up like abe shows. your hook hans down from the float at a predetermined depth, 12 ft or so in the big holes. you cast upstream and wait for the fish to bite and pull your float down.......then you pull hard and the fun begins! an fst is a lure which is used for salmon....go to surplus herbies and ask a few questions.
keep in touch and i will spend a morning with you to show you how. season opens noon on the 25th of july (but it can be really slow early).

sounds good. i was out on the river today for trout and whitefish but the current is crazy, is it always like that? i never really done a lot of river fishing. I went down by the ball park just before mabel.

the river is at flood stage right now i think! stay away from that part. one slip and you are gone! check out the pool at the cooks creek campground. it is probably going to be the first pool fishable early on (other than the slower parts).
the pools at the ball park won't likely be worth trying until mid august.
the lumby end will also be very high and hard to fish at the opening in 10 days. the fish usually stay in the lake until it drops. some yearswhen the water is high it is only the last few days of the season that they move into the river in any numbers.
lumby end closes aug 15th. after that the enderby end picks up as the run peaks around sept 1st + or Minus 5 days.

Ya i was at cook creek as well but it was no better. I fished there years ago and remember it being decent. The whole shoreline is knee high, if i had my waders on i might be able to get close enough but like you said its a little dangerous. What about fishing right where the river comes into enderby? It looks fairly calm there.

a few years ago when the water was really high we floated down from trinity bridge in a row boat. there were some nice spots just upstream from vernon you could fish in high water. there are some old logs syicking up they used to tie log booms to. i tied onto one of them and hung out a spoon. i lost s couple. the best answer though is be patient. the water will drop in mid august then you can find some worthwhile spots to fish.

the hatchery is the area i refer to as the lumby end. below the hatcher is bissette creek. there is a bit of a pool there. down from there are some nice pools but you need a food boat and motor or a good pontoon boat to get to them , unless you can get permission to access them, but that is not easy.
above the hatchery , and below the dam are several great holes. at the top is a huge hole i have never fished. when someone hooks a fish someone has to clinb down a roap to net it then shinny back up. i'm too old for that...and the water roars by! below that is the "canyon" with a long pool at the bottom and a nice pool above it (which can also be accessed from the other side but i can't explain how in writing. easier to show you!).
that section of the river is better than the enderby in july/august but closes for slamon aug 15th.
how high is the water? i'm assuming it is still roaring! i'll likely check it out on july 25th at noon. first day can be great then it quiets down until the last day or so.

try flyfishing with egg patterns for trout and whitefish while the salmon are running. it can be pretty fun. just make sure you have a light tippet on your line so you break off any salmon you might catch so you dont bust your fly rod.

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